Wednesday, 25 July 2012

(Day 95) More Photos from the Vivid Light festival

Saturday 4th June (Day 95)

More Photos from the Vivid Light festival

On the last day of the vivid light festival I went back with my camera and tripod and took photos of all the exhibits I missed out on my first visit.  All the exhibits are numbered from 1 to 63 with number 1 being the Opera house itself and the numbers going around Circular Quays and further north of Sydney past the harbour bridge.

All the exhibits around Circular Quay and on the main drag were all very popular and I visited most of them during my first visit.

Lasting impression 

Heading up north from Circular Quays there are still some nice exhibits.  Also from here you can see the Opera house from across the harbour.  I wasn’t overly impressed with the Opera house from my first visit but from across the harbour it looked so much better.

The further north I headed the less and less people I saw and the worst the exhibits got.  It was like they just couldn’t be bothered anymore and some of the exhibits they had towards the end were just laughable.

Overall the Vivid Light festival was really cool, and I wonder if I will still be here for next year’s?

Ironically most people don't come this far up Circular Quays which is a shame because
the Opera house looked so much better from here. 

The light rain and the water on the floor looked pretty cool with the light exhibits

Don't know what this thing was supposed to be but it looked pretty cool

You can spin this thing.

Random chandelier, and why not?

Children liked climbing through this, but I was too big to fit through :(

Random chandelier and Opera house.

That stupid woman was still rolling around on the Opera house.

All you need is a tripod

It was really quiet this far up the bay.

You can buy these stars for $5, shows how much effort they made towards the end,


Is that it?

Come on...

That is more like it.

These changed colour.


Goodbye Vivid, maybe see you next year.