Tuesday, 17 April 2012

(Day 33) The Interview II (fun and games)

I had my interview today at the fundraising company.  I was told by the girl who I spoke to yesterday that the office was just down Pitt Street.  I emphasize the word “just” because that made me think the office was only a few minutes’ walk down Pitt Street. 

But Pitt Street is a very long road that runs the length of downtown Sydney and the office was very far down this long road.  The address was something like 480 Pitt Street and when I was walking down Pitt Street I was passing the numbers slowly, 216, 222, 228, this place is so far away!

This way

A long road

Typical building on Pitt Street

I eventually arrived at the high 400s and found a large tower that matched the address I was told.  The building was massive, like every other building on Pitt Street.  The lobby was cladded in marble and the lifts were covered in brass.

I headed up to the 5th floor in one of the brass lifts and arrived in the fundraising office.  It wasn’t hard to find the office due to all the noise coming from the office.  I arrived in a small office cramped full of people clapping and cheering.  People where being given out awards such as “top fundraiser of the week” plus other similar awards.  Every time an award was announced everyone went apeshit with excitement.
After the awards had been handed out new people who were on their first week started introducing themselves to the rest of the office.  Whenever someone started saying “hi, my name is Sarah etc” the whole room would reply “Hi Sarah!”  I haven’t seen this sort of excitement since Primary School. 

After the introductions everybody was split into 3 groups and placed into 3 corners of the room.  There was a white board in each of these corners and we were told that we were playing a game of Pictionary.  Each person in each team had a turn to draw something off a list and the first team to guess every item off the list wins.  Despite the fact that my team had someone who is pretty beast a Pictionary (me) we came last.

Not your typical way to start a job interview, although street fundraising is not your typical job, and Sydney is not your typical city.  “What madness do they have in mind for us during the interview” I wondered.


  1. haha pretty beast a pictionary - that should be on your CV :D it is kind of an apt game to play at the moment because, using one of your terms, everyone is going apeshit for the 'Draw something' application on smart phones (I don't understand the craze, just like I don't understand how the 'Angry Birds' game is not identical to 'Worms') - meh, I think it's perfectly ok to let some crazes pass you by, I don't want to be popular for the sake of it - I'm me, the best me there is :) and you should feel the same way Tarantino xx

  2. Why don't I remember you being beast at pictionary :-p

  3. Angry Birds and Worms may look some what similar but they are very very different Sami.

    And yes Vicki, when it comes to Pictionary I have mad skills (I like to think)