Thursday, 21 June 2012

(Day 86) Vivid Festival of Light

Saturday 26th May (Day 86)

Vivid light show

Vivid is a festival in Sydney that revolves around light in many forms.  Here the outside of large buildings become a canvas for imaginative light shows done using very powerful projectors.  The festival starts in the evening at 6pm everyday when it is dark for obvious reasons.

Phantom on the opera

One of the shows was done on Sydney’s most iconic building, the Opera house.  The way they did the show made the opera house look like it was made out of a different material.  The surface of the building would flutter like a sail in the wind.  Another show portrayed a woman lying on the side of the opera house like it was a giant mattress.  The effects made it look like the surface of the Opera house was soft with areas of the opera house being pushed down under the woman’s weight.

This all looked impressive at first but it got boring rather quickly.  They incorporated the shape of the opera house well but really they could have done something a bit more exciting than some giant woman lying around on the surface of the opera house.

Life in cartoon motion

On the way back we passed another building where a show was just about to start.    The show was a cartoon about life in the city and it was excellent.  The show incorporated the building well and the vivid bright colours were awesome.  I can’t really describe it well enough but I recorded the whole thing on my camera and there will be a link to the video at the end of this blog.

A bright idea

I really liked this festival.  To get a few massive projectors and use them to light up the city with a variety of artistic shows and cartoons is really awesome.  Apparently other cities do have similar light festivals but I have never seen anything like this.  The idea of it is simple and I supposed that is one of the reasons why it is awesome.  You can just walk around the city and watch the shows.  I think every major city should have a light festival at least once a year.  The festival is in town for another 2 weeks and I will definitely be dropping by again.



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