Monday, 16 July 2012

(Day 92) Talk to the hand

Saturday 1st June (Day 92)

Talk to the hand

Living in a house occupied by backpackers and travellers means that a person moves out and a new person moves in pretty much every 2 weeks.  Today a new girl called Charleigh moved into Amy’s old room.  One of the first things I learnt about her through word of mouth was that she could read palms.

Earlier this evening I was in the kitchen socialising when Charleigh’s palm reading abilities came up in conversation.  I was interested and asked her if she could read my palm.
She asked me to hold out my hand and then she started to look very keenly at it.  She flattened down the edges of my palm with her hands and ran her fingers gently along the lines of my palm.  She then started telling me the names of everyone in my family including my sister’s husband.  She even moved onto the family cats.  “I see cats in your family...2 of, maybe 3.  All black and white...” she said whist fiddling around with my right palm.

I was astonished.  How the hell did she get this information from looking at my palm?
She said quite modestly “I can only do names” whereas her aunty who taught her could predict future events.
It was a fascinating experience having my palm read.  I had butterflies in my stomach the whole time.  I spoke to other people in the house and they all said the same thing, that she got everything right and it was kind of freaky, but in a good way.

The inner sceptic

Naturally you could argue that she just facebook stalked me when she first moved in and got her information that way.  So I decided to make another facebook account and facebook stalk myself to see what information she could have got.  She could have got the names of most of my family but not the name of my sister’s husband, nor could she have got any information about my cats as they don’t have their own facebook accounts.

Really I don’t know how she does it and her ability fascinates me, I spent about 10 minutes staring at my palm to see if I could see anything but I just couldn’t, I just saw my palm.  But apparently you can’t read your own palm.

There is a story in there, somewhere.

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  1. That is pretty cool, the whole palm-reading experience - but might be something science can actually explain, in that "we're all connected" as Brian Cox says - every action you perform causes a change (albeit small, like the butterfly effect) to the whole universe because every single atom must have its own electronic state in relation to every other atom and by you altering the state of the atoms in say a banana by eating it, causes every other atom in the universe to alter to an electronic state that is different to that banana. So I think ghosts and the rest of the paranormal are energies that are left behind as we die; much like the big bang is still felt today through cosmic microwave background radiation (CMBR).