Monday, 14 May 2012

(Day 55) Anzac Day

Wednesday 25th April (Day 55)

This day was pretty hard to write about, which is why it has taken me a few days to write these 2 posts.

Anzac Day

Today is Anzac Day.  Anzac Day is a war Memorial Day commemorated in both Australia and New Zealand.  Anzac comes from Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) who fought in the First World War.

Anzac Day I am sure has deep meaning to many here who have lost loved ones in armed conflicts, however this day like many public holidays is a day of heavy drinking.  I even heard that if you are wearing an army uniform you will get free drinks at bars and pubs today.  Lisa (my housemate) was very excited at the idea of lots of men walking around in army uniform.

As getting drunk was the theme of the day I decided to join in and get drunk with the lads.  I was starting my new fundraising job on Thursday so my initial plan was not to get too drunk today or at least sober up by the time I get to bed.

Ryan’s last day

Everybody was getting really drunk today and it wasn’t long until I was feeling tipsy.  Ryan (my housemate) was leaving today to go back to New Zealand so really we had 2 reasons to drink alcohol and get merry today.

We started off in our back garden drinking bottles of wine.  I bought Ryan a bottle of sparkling wine because I lost a bet with him last week.  He bet that I would get fired from fundraising again within a month and he was right.  Damn it.  And getting re-recruited doesn’t count unfortunately.

The KB (our local)

After a few bottles of wine he headed across the road to our local public house, the KB.  The KB isn’t a particularly nice pub but it is close and the beer is cheap.

I started drinking with Ryan on one of the outside tables and we got talking to a few random guys who were on their own.  You can meet some interesting characters at pubs.
One of the guys we got talking to was nice enough.  He was some middle age guy with a very soft Australian accent.  It was really difficult to him what he was saying most of the time but overall he was very agreeable.

The other guy we started talking to was the complete opposite.  He was a hideous vile little man.  The first thing he asked us was if we knew if there were any brothels nearby, which is funny because there is actually one right across from our house.

But opening up a conversation with brothels basically summed up this guy.  His face looked weathered and beaten like an old punch bag.  His month was a mess of bits of teeth sticking out all over the place.  And he likes going to brothels, I just feel so sorry for the girls that must “service” him.  Ugh *shivers* just the thought of it.  And he was racists as well, just to top it off.
So I didn’t particularly enjoy the company of this man but luckily he didn’t stay long.  He probably had to go back to the lab to get his bolts tightened.

The rest of the night

Anyway it wasn’t long until other people from the house came to join us at the KB.  It was good at first but to be honest it wasn’t long until everyone was too drunk.  My issue is when people around me are drunker than me I always sober up.  I just can’t stay merry when I am in the company of people who are drunker than myself. 

My flat mates ended up spilling at least 2 jugs full of beer everywhere.  Ryan had to go home to change his jeans (I actually let him borrow one of my pairs).  After that my housemates got into a heated argument with some random guy from another table.  I managed to coax my housemates to leave the pub and head back home without getting into a fight with the random guy but it wasn’t easy.  I think that random guy owes me one as well because Ryan would have seriously beaten him up.

After we got home some of my housemates started arguing with each other.  I stepped in again to try and keep the peace but this night had just derailed completely.  It was just too much alcohol and there is this air of aggression in the air.  Maybe it is because of Anzac day and emotions are running high.  Everyone seems to feel more aggravated today.

There is something else that has been bothering me.  It started off as something manageable but the more time passed the worse it has got.  Something far more serious than some stupid fights between drunken people.  I managed to hold it back for so long but now it is becoming too much...

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