Thursday, 10 May 2012

(Day 52) Training Day III

Monday 23rd April (Day 52)

So, I am back here again for another training day.  My last training day was just over 2 weeks ago.  I still can’t believe I am back here again, at the same company that let me go less than a week ago.

I felt quite confident about the training day whilst looking around at the people who had come here for the first time.  I have been here before and they haven’t.  I felt like I was second in command, sure Alexis was doing the training day but I already felt like a team leader.  Hell I didn’t even have to go for an interview, just straight to the training day!

Breaking the ice

Alexis was the head of this department and the guy who invited me to come and work for him.  It was his energy that drew me to him in the first place and that was not in short supply today.  The first thing he got us to do was to write 3 things about ourselves on the whiteboard with 2 of them being true and one of them being a lie.  The game was we each had to guess what each person was lying about.

My 3 facts were:
  • ·         I want to do stand-up comedy.
  • ·         I am both left and right handed.
  • ·         I once played tennis at Wimbledon.

Which one of these facts about me is a lie?

This was a good way of breaking the ice in the group and getting to know a bit about everyone.  If I ever end up doing job interviews with groups of people I would definitely start off with this.

Down to business

After this game Alexis started the training by telling us everything about fundraising.  Well when I say telling us, I mean shouting at us and bouncing around the room.  I think I now know why the whiteboard in the room is in such poor condition.  He doesn’t write on it he attacks it with his pen.

Most of the training was stuff I already knew but it was nice to hear about the same stuff but from a different person.  One thing I didn’t know was the new script.  Since it was for a different charity most of the script was different.  My last charity was to do with saving children and the charity I had to learn about now are a foundation that are focused on conserving parts of Australia.

What’s he doing here?

So the training was fine but the new script was still a lot to take in.  At the end he asked us individually when we wanted to start working (either tomorrow or Wednesday).  I would have said tomorrow but I didn’t want to work Tuesday.  The reason being is because of the Tuesday morning meeting where everyone else in the office will be there.  All the people I had previously worked with will be there and there is nothing wrong with the people I have worked with but I just get the idea that they are going to give me funny looks whilst thinking stuff like “what’s he doing here? Didn’t he get fired?”

I was going to have to face them soon, but not now, next week after I have been in the job for a few days and maybe have a few signups to justify my existence in the company.  Maybe by next week they would have forgotten what I look like and just think I’m another new person.

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  1. I think that's wishful thinking that they'll have forgotten you Mikel, you know it really, but like you say get some signups under your belt first. Who knows maybe you'll see that girl from the last training day ('the one that got away') and when you next talk to her maybe you should say, "ah it's you, 'the one that got away' - if I'd spoken to you when I was supposed to we'd probably be sleeping together by now - ah well your loss eh?" - it's bound to work :D also I love the fact that you acquired so many sombreros at your last house party, and I agree with your views of the arsey landlord and think your theory on running out of the house before he sees you is an excellent idea, keep up the good work man, I'm proud of your accomplishments thus far my friend! ;)