Monday, 7 May 2012

(Day 51) Mexican Night and the Bandit

Saturday 21st April (Day 51)

The Sombreros

Sometime this week I was walking back home through the alleyway behind my house when I came upon a large bag of sombreros.  A lot of stuff gets dumped in this alleyway including odd bits of furniture and small electrical devices, some of it we salvage and use in the house.

However a large bag of bright red sombreros!  This was by far the best thing I have seen in our alleyway.  I grabbed the bag immediately and took them to our house.  I counted how many sombreros were in the bag and there were 40!

I am not sure what we were going to do with 40 bright red sombreros but we will find a use for them.

Looking back I am not sure if they had actually just been dumped in the alleyway.  They were next to a minibus with the doors open but oh well.  They are mine now!

The Fiesta

Since getting the hats we have had some fun with them.  One activity we enjoyed doing with the hats is throwing them through the windows of the place across the road.

However we all felt these hats deserved more so Saturday night we had a Mexican themed party.  Amy went out and came back with a huge amount of Mexican food.

It wasn’t long until our back garden was full of people wearing the bright red sombreros and getting drunk.  It was a great night and it was what the sombreros would have wanted (if they could talk).

We had good people round, good food, a nice selection of drinks including tequila and a strong punch and we were all wearing bright red sombreros!  This was a great house party.  What could possible go wrong?

The Lone Bandit

Well, of course something had to go wrong.  I got a text earlier that night from my landlord saying we needed to talk urgently about my late rent payments.  Since I have paid my rent on time every fortnight and since I had no credit on my phone I ignored his text.  However he decided to drop by this evening and he was in a foul mood.

The first thing he did was immediately kick everyone out who didn’t live in the house.  He then pointed at JC and me and said that he would be back in an hour and if anyone was left here who didn’t live in the house JC and I would be kicked out of the house straight away.

I wanted to shove a cactus up his arse

He was on a power trip and I have never hated someone so much so quickly.  He showed up in his fancy BMW complete with token Asian bride and the urge to just grab something remotely sharp and scratch the paintwork off his car was dangerously strong.

We live in a house that is totally uncared for and a few years away from probably being uninhabitable and he comes around in his expensive BMW with his expensive wife giving us shit.

After he stormed off a few people came back to the back garden.  I tried to ask them to leave explaining that my tenancy in the house was on the line but they didn’t really seem interested.  Some guys in the house who have lived here for a while and know the landlord quite well assured me that he was just full of hot air and that he would not come back tonight.  I sure hope they are right.  I don’t want to be kicked out of this house, not after only a few weeks here.

I think next time he comes round through the back door into our garden I am just going to run straight through the front door.  If I am not there he can’t kick me out!  That is my theory anyway because he doesn’t know us on a personal level; just some random people paying him good money to live in one of his many slums.

So tonight was a night of two halves.  But at least the party had begun to wind down anyway when the landlord showed up, so it wasn’t a total write off.  But I think we will keep social gatherings more low key in future.

Ben (Spanish house mate) and some smacked up Canadian guy

More people were wearing hats later on

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