Sunday, 6 May 2012

(Day 50) Another door opens

Friday 20th April Day 50

So my job as a street fundraiser ended yesterday and I was walking down Eddy Avenue heading towards the shops.  Eddy Avenue is a busy street in Sydney and is a hot spot for fundraisers.  I have been stopped here by fundraisers before which is how I got into this whole fundraising thing and today was no different.

Come for an interview

First person to stop me was some blonde girl; I could tell it was her first or second day.  We had a brief conversation when a guy called Alex came up to us.  I have spoken to Alex before, he is a recruiter for the fundraising company and told me that they were interviewing on Monday. 

Their office was literally just around the corner from my house but I never really liked the look of this company.  For a fundraising company they seem a bit cold and soulless.  I wasn’t massively interested but I still felt like I had learned a lot about fundraising but had not been given the opportunity to put my new skills to the test.

I will make you good

I left these guys with fundraising on the mind again.  I would like one last go at it, but I wanted to work for the company I had just left.  Those guys were awesome!

It was then when I was stopped by a guy I recognised from the fundraising company I had just left.  He was a very friendly and energetic guy and he greeted me like a good friend.  I explained what had happened between me and the company but I also added that I felt like I had learnt a lot.  He suggested I come back and work for him.  I didn’t think this was possible but he explained that he leads his own department so I would work under him and that would be allowed.

He said, “Come work for me, I will make you good”.  He will make me good eh?  Okay, if he insists.  I liked the look of this guy; he had so much energy.

He invited me to a training day on Monday, I didn’t even have to go to an interview, just straight to the training day.


I guess this is just what I wanted; another chance to work for this wacky and amazing fundraising company.  I wanted to have one last crack at fundraising but only with this company.  And now I can...

Sometimes I think I live a charmed life J

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