Sunday, 20 May 2012

(Day 57) Best job in the world, almost.

Friday 20th April (Day 57)

Best job in the world, almost.

Old problems

Okay so yesterday I didn’t go to work so today was my first day.  This is the third time I have done fundraising although I have written off my first because I was rubbish at it.  The second attempt was where I feel like I actually learnt a lot and so surely by this third attempt I should be ace now?

Well I haven’t really had a chance to learn my new script....  Because of the events of the last few days I have barely even looked at my script.  The structure is the same as my last script but the contents is completely different.

I spent an hour burning the midnight oil trying to memorise the script but when I woke up the next morning and had a look at the script I realized I had learnt nothing.  Looking at the script this morning was like looking at it for the first time.

And I have work in an hour, bugger.  I rushed through it a few times over breakfast then headed off to work.

The crew

I was looking for my team on the street near the train station.  There were some homeless people walking around, a group of people who looked like hippies sat in the corner and a few business people walking to and from the train station but I couldn’t see any fundraisers.  Maybe I am in the wrong place?  Or maybe I am too early?

Actually, on closer look I recognise one of those hippies from the office.  Are those the fundraisers?  I approached them and it turns out they were, haha I am so judgemental.
Hippies is not really a fair word to describe them, I just can’t think of any better words.  There were about 5 guys in the group; most of them had long hair with one of them having a rather impressive set of dreadlocks. 

Two of the guys had brought musical instruments to work.  One of them had a guitar in a big guitar case, it was funny because he was a little guy and his guitar case was nearly as big as he was.  The other guy had brought his Conga drum to work which he was sat on and playing.
This group of guys were an interesting bunch, all very individual.  Not many people bring their Conga drum to work with them.  I suppose this is why Alexis had recruited them.  He wanted individuals, people who stuck out of the crowd.

So what am I doing here?  I don’t have long hair and I left my guitar at home.  Well I guess I am a little different.  People have told me I am not like most guys, I never knew if they meant it in a good way or not but I always took it as a good thing.  Who wants to be normal?  Certainly not me.

Anyway I liked these guys, they were all very chilled out and looked like good fun to work with.  Alexis showed up and we headed off just down the road where we were going to work.

Let’s smash it!

As a fundraiser you always start the day with a quick practice of your pitch with the group just before you start fundraising.  Since I hadn’t really learnt my script my attempt was poor.  I managed to get through it but only with some guidance.  Alexis said he could see I tried to learn it but described my pitch was shaky.

After the practice pitches Alexis left us to go and observe the other groups and I was given 5 minutes to learn my script and to start work.  So after 5 minutes of talking to myself I nervously put on my tee-shirt and started fundraising.

I was feeling uncomfortable because I wasn’t confident with my script but I was really keen to work.  I have mentioned before how much energy Alexis has.  He is always jumping around and being really exciting and he is really good at getting everyone really fired up.  He always says stuff like “come on guys, let’s smash it!”  Even though my pitch was incomplete I was so fired up and energized I didn’t really care.

The guy I was working with was called Chris and he was pretty awesome.  He has long blonde hair and blue eyes and really had the rock star look.  He was quite a magnet for the ladies, in fact one girl actually rushed up to him and said “this is for you” passing him a folded up piece of paper.  Chris opened it and inside was a phone number with “Call me!” written and underlined several times.

It wasn’t just the looks that got him the phone number, it was the energy he had.  Alexis had left us all charged and it was showing.  We were just on fire, I felt like we were the best fundraisers in town.  Well....almost.

Same old problem

Sure Chris and I were both really charged and working well as a team, you could almost say we were “smashing it” but there was a problem.  I just couldn’t remember the damn script.
I was stopping quite a few people but the more people I spoke to the less of the script I could remember.  There were several points where I just froze.  I just couldn’t remember what came next... I tried to cobble something together but it was rubbish.  Either that or I was going through it but missing out whole sections.

Chris said the best thing for me to do was be honest and text Alexis saying I couldn’t work today because I didn’t know my script.  He said that Alexis would appreciate me being honest rather than spending the morning of my first day trying to pitch people with half a script.

I was a bit nervous texting Alexis and he phoned me back straight away asking me what was up.  I told him I was having a great morning and we were “smashing it” but my script was coming apart whilst trying to pitch people and I needed a day off to relearn it.  He asked me “how much are you expecting to be paid today?”
I said “oh, don’t pay me for today”
He said “that’s fine, come back on Monday”

I think he really appreciated that I didn’t want to be paid for the hour I worked this morning.  I think it would have been a bit cheeky to ask to be paid for this morning after I really didn’t know my script.

So I am heading to the park now to learn my script.  I really enjoyed the brief hour of work today.  This job seems like so much fun and I love the crew Alexis is gathering.  After Alexis gets us all fired up I just feel like we are the happiest and most energetic people in Sydney.  I don’t think I have ever said this before but, today is Friday and I can’t wait until Monday!

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