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(Day 58) Spectrum

Saturday 28th April (Day 58)


Tonight I was heading to a club called Spectrum for a 60’s night.  I was really looking forward to this night for the change of music.  I have been going to quite a few clubs recently (mainly Scruffys for some reason) and the music has always been the same.  I was getting sick of the same old club songs.  All the club songs seem to be about either sex, cars with big shiny wheels or living in some place called “the hood”.

Spectrum is on a street called Oxford Street which contains a fair number of bars including a handful of gay bars and clubs.  I have actually been to one of these gay clubs when I was with a group of people and we went to Oxford Street to see a drag show way back on Day 8.  Wow, that was 50 days ago!  I was still living in the hostel in Kings Cross back then.

Music to my ears

Anyway we went to Spectrum and I had a great night overall.  Spectrum is a small club with a very simple layout.  Medium sized square room, bar at one end, DJ at the other end, door to the toilets one side, door to smoking balcony on the other.  That is all you need really for a good club, oh and some music as well...

60’s music is a bit before my time so I didn’t really know any of the songs being played, but I do really like 60’s music.  It was all about the swing and dancing and having a good time.  The atmosphere in the club was great.

I find some clubs (Scruffys for example) the atmosphere isn’t as good.  A few people are dancing and having fun but at the same time you get these sleazy guys lurking around the dance floor looking to carve another notch onto their bedpost.  And not to mention the occasional hooker, not good times.

But Spectrum was very different.  Just lots of people doing swing dancing and generally having fun, it was more of a party atmosphere.

Back in the day

The 60’s music reminded me of driving around with my mate Will back in England.  He is a music teacher and when we are in his car driving around he plays 60’s music very loudly. 
You can imagine lots of cars driving by blaring out hip hop and other popular music and then Will and I drive by blaring out 60’s music.  We must have made a few heads turn.  Ah good times.

So Spectrum was fun and I think I will be dropping by here more often.  Maybe I could catch that drag show I missed last time (day 8) on the way.  Not that I particular want to but I am still curious.

An old logo I took from their Myspace page

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