Saturday, 2 June 2012

(Day 71) The Ivy

Friday 11th May (Day 71)

The Ivy

Tonight I was going to some nightclub called The Ivy.  All I knew was I had to dress smartly so I put on my clean t-shirt and my best pair of trainers and headed out to The Ivy.

The Ivy is an amazing looking club, certainly the best looking nightclub I have ever been in.  The club is on several levels surrounding an open top courtyard that is also the main dance area.  A large wooden spiral staircase connects the courtyard level to the floors above.

Down in the courtyard is the stage where the DJ resides.  In the middle of the dance floor is a small island with a real tree growing out of it.  The tree is decorated with fairy lights.

This is only a brief description of the club’s layout; going into detail would require a good full page.

So overall the club looks great, but the night out wasn’t as good as the venue.  The Ivy suffers from the same problem as The Argyle which I talked about a few weeks ago.  The problem being the night was quite boring.  Everyone was wearing suits and people wearing suits are not party people.  They just seem to stand around talking, probably about how shiny their stainless steel fridge is or how many ties they have.

The music wasn’t good to dance to either.  It was just dance songs that had been remixed beyond recognition.  How can you dance to a song you don’t know or recognise?  At one point the DJ played one original song, she played Daft Punk's around the world and people actually started to dance.  Things started to pick up but then the next song was just another unrecognisable song and the party mood died down again.

People watching

So we didn’t really do much in the Ivy.  The most fun I had was people watching.  One couple in particular caught my eye.

There was some shady looking business man near where I was stood.  He had a sharp black suit and a face just like a James Bond villain.  He just looked evil and I could easily picture him being the head of a tobacco company or something on those lines.

He was with a woman who immediately looked out of place.  I had a theory that she was actually an escort rather than his genuine partner.  She kept going off and dancing on her own and then he would go over and pull her back and give her a good talking to saying stuff like “you are supposed to be with me tonight”.  She had that bored expression on her face like coming out here tonight was work rather than fun.

This place doesn’t suit me

So the Ivy is an amazing looking club but it really wasn’t my scene at all.  It is also painfully expensive with a $20 fee just to get through the front door.  I didn’t even buy a drink because I only brought out $20 with me that night and that just got me into the place.  I am sure the drinks here are painfully expensive too.

So in one long sentence (try saying this in one go without taking a breath)
“If you have a lot of money to burn and enjoy standing around not doing much whilst wearing a suit listening to overly remixed music in a nice courtyard fill with people who are also standing around not doing much whilst wearing a suit.  Then the Ivy is perfect.”

The only photo from the night, in front is the spiral
stair case and the courtyard

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