Saturday, 2 June 2012

(Day 72) Drunken Wisdom

Saturday 12th May (Day 72)

The backpacker’s way of partying

So last night I went to a very smart upper-class nightclub where everyone was wearing a suit (apart from me) and every barmaid was stunning to look at.

I assume this club is one of those clubs where if you apply for a job there you have to send a photograph of your face as well as your CV.  The more attractive you are the more likely you are to get a job.  Working behind the bar or waiting the tables during the day are jobs reserved for the most facially gifted whilst the less fortunate will get jobs working in the backrooms.
I applied for a job in a club like this one and I included a photograph of my face as requested, however they never got back to me...

The Scary Canary

Anyway tonight I went to a nightclub that was completely on the other end of the spectrum.  It is a place called Scary Canary and it was mad.  It is classed as a backpacker bar because it is where backpackers and people staying in hostels go to get drunk and have fun, whereas the Ivy is for people who live in fancy studio apartments with stainless steel fridges go to stand around and talk.

Most nightclubs put an ink stamp on your arm so you can leave to club to smoke and re-enter without having to queue again.  The stamp for a nightclub is usually some kind of symbol that has something to do with the club.  For Scary Canary the stamp was a cartoon condom, I guess this is a club where backpackers go to pull.

Putting the sleazy drunken atmosphere aside Scary Canary was actually very good.  It was a big party atmosphere and everyone was in a good mood.  I spoke to a few backpackers and had some very interesting conversations about travel and where they have been.

Drunken wisdom

One guy in particular gave me some advice.  He said “when someone tells you about a really awesome place, just go there.  Don’t think about it or plan it, just book the plane tickets.  Trust like minded people”

Spontaneous exploration eh?  Of course it is never as easy to just jetting off to Laos like he told me to, but he does have a point.  Over thinking an idea can be a bad thing.  I almost never came here to Australia because I spent ages just thinking about the idea of travelling here to the point where I nearly lost interest.  It was only a spontaneous moment where my mum dragged me to the local travel agent one day to look at tickets that got me here.  We only went in to have a look at prices and we ended up leaving with plane tickets to Sydney!

Being spontaneous is fun, if everything in your life is planned then nothing surprising happens and your life becomes dull.  I supposed becoming a street fundraiser was a spontaneous idea and I had a lot of fun doing it.

I recommend that everyone should try and be more spontaneous.  Just go for it!  Life is full of fun things to do!

As for Scary Canary, it is a good place but everyone inside is very intoxicated.  So if you don’t want to feel left out you will have to get yourself intoxicated as well.  If you do that then you will have a good night.

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