Saturday, 9 June 2012

(Day 79) Chinese Laundry

Saturday 19th May (Day 79)

Chinese Laundry

If you owned a nightclub what would you call it?

I can go through the names of the nightclubs I have been to in Sydney and understand the origin of their names.  For example the Ivy has ivy growing outside on the building, the Argyle is on Argyle Street (very imaginative), Scary Canary erm... rhymes, Scruffy Murphy’s a typical Irish sounding name.

But how about the name “Chinese Laundry” for a nightclub?  The origin of this name is beyond me.  I googled Chinese Laundry to see if it had some urban slang meaning, maybe Chinese laundry in urban slang means “to be in a small overpriced overpacked nightclub being pushed around” but no I couldn’t find anything.

But anyway Chinese laundry is a small overpriced overpacked nightclub where you get pushed around a lot.  I had to pay $25 just to get through the front door.  The drinks are very expensive as well.  JC bought 2 vodka redbulls from the bar which set him back 42 dollars!


I saw one guy get busted for doing drugs in the toilets.  They were leading him out saying stuff like “so you flushed the rest did you?” and “do you have any ID on you?”  The bouncers were actually quite calm about the whole situation; I guess they bust someone for doing drugs most nights and it is quite routine for them.

Hello, I’m Doctor Werewolf

The reason why people come to this expensive and strangely named venue is because of the DJs they have here.  Rather than having just local DJs come in with a laptop and play all their music off iTunes Chinese laundry attracts big name DJs from all across the world.

I am not into the whole DJ scene because it isn’t my type of music.  Looking at Chinese laundry’s website apparently they are having big name DJs “Bass Mafia” featuring “Chrissy Chris” on one night with “Doctor Werewolf and the Abyss” on the other night.  I have never heard of any of these people but I am sure their music is very popular in the DJ world.

That sort of brings me back to my original question; if you were a DJ what would you call yourself?  For me I guess DJ Mike would be considered too normal.  Actually I think TakingtheMike would work quite well; because Mike sounds just like Mic (microphone) and taking the mike is an expression for someone who is taking the piss and if I ever tried to be a DJ I would be taking the piss.

Music to my ears

Overall Chinese laundry was actually pretty good.  I didn’t know any of the songs that were played but I did like them.  For once I actually liked remixes but for $25 I wouldn’t have expected anything less.  This place isn’t like the Ivy with its grand courtyard and its real tree with fairy lights.  Chinese laundry was just a few rooms painted in black with too many people in them.  You are paying entirely for the quality of the DJs and their music here.

Packed to the rafters


= Chinese Laundry
I get it!  No, wait, I don't get it...

We found Troy passed out (through alcohol) on one of our sofas when we got back


  1. Panda Panda is much better gorgeous! You should open it up in Sydney and make loads of money xxx

  2. I'd name the nightclub something mysterious like "Antimatter" and I like your definition of Chinese Laundry :D Btw I bet you don't know where 'taking the micky' actually came from, well I'm going to tell you: it derives from "taking the micturate" (= another name for urine) but people used this phrase because when guys sometimes wake up with 'morning glory' the erection isn't always caused by neurohormonal stimulation [sexual excitement] but can be caused if you have a full bladder - hence the erection isn't real and will disappear following urination, so this is why they've been ridiculed by other people (probably women) and hence why the 'taking the micky' phrase was born.

  3. Thanks for that sami, you have just ruined my blogger name...