Tuesday, 10 July 2012

(Day 91) Sofa moving

Saturday 31st May
Day 91

I will do anything for beer...

Today was a relatively uneventful day until Aaron from across the road dropped by.  He was looking for 2 people to help him move a sofa and in return he said he would buy us beer.  My response to Aaron was “I will do anything for beer...”

At first I thought it was going to be a simple task.  I thought he had found an abandoned sofa in some back alley and wanted help to move it into his house.  Sounds tacky but the house I live in now is furnished exclusively with back alley sofas, even our TV was picked up off the street.
So I thought we were just moving a sofa from a nearby alley way but when Aaron hailed down a taxi I started to worry.

...but I won’t do that

If the sofa was so far away that we had to take a taxi to get there how the hell were we going to carry it back?  Another little detail Aaron forgot to mention was that it was actually a pair of sofas he was after, not just one.  So we had 3 people to carry 2 sofas...the maths didn’t really make sense.

Aaron was optimistic and said “you can do anything if you put your mind to it”.  Yeah that is true but my back can’t do anything.

After a 5 minute taxi journey we arrived at some little industrial estate behind a stadium.  I never knew there was a stadium 5 minutes drive from my house.

We met up with this random guy who I didn’t recognise, it turns out Aaron was buying the sofas off him and had found them through an ad on Gumtree.

The sofas were a curved shape (bit like a kidney bean) and they looked heavy.  Luckily we quickly noticed that the sofas came with wheels, and not just normal small wheel but big industrial sized casters.  They were clearly designed to be moved around a lot.

Light work

We stacked one sofa on top of the other and started rolling them back towards Aaron’s house.  The sofas were heavy but we managed to build up a fair amount of momentum and soon we were rolling them down the street fast.  We even started overtaking people, it must have been an odd sight to just be walking down a street and then get overtaken by 3 guys pushing 2 larges sofa stack on top of each other.

At one point we were moving so fast my shoe came off and got run over by the sofa.  We arrived back at Aaron’s house after about 20 minutes.  Whilst we were stood outside of Aaron’s house with the 2 sofas this old couple walked past us looking at the sofas.

They could tell we had just been moving them because we were sat on them getting our breath back.  The woman asked us “where have you moved these from?”  Aaron replied “just from Moore Park”.  The couple looked amazed, “all the way from Moore Park? That is a good effort”.
After we moved the sofas into Aaron’s lounge we opened up a box of beers and put the sofas to good use.  It was a good evening and the sofa moving was a little adventure that came from nowhere.

Big sofas


  1. Hi mike . Just stumbled across your blog and couldn't help but think what an amazing life you lead . You must be one strong boy to carry those 2 sofas.

    1. Here here! Sounds like a great adventure!

  2. Here here! Sounds like a great adventure.