Tuesday, 27 March 2012

(Day 18) Charity begins on the streets

Monday 19th March (Day 18) 

Recently I have seen a lot of street fundraisers working the streets of Sydney.  They approach you like they are your best friend but you don’t know them.  I usually don’t know how to react because when I am walking around I am often daydreaming, which is probably why I end up getting lost so often.  And to be approached by these friendly strangers interrupts my daydreaming.  Naturally if they have their hand out I will shake it because it is rude not to.  One guy last week came up to me with his arms out wide like he wanted to give me a big hug, this was a very odd way of being woken up from my walking slumber.

Anyway I have been talking about street fundraisers because I was walking to the bank today to pay my rent when I was approached by a street fundraiser.  Usually the conversation ends quickly when they find out I have no job and not much money, but today after a brief conversation and when she found out I was unemployed she suggested I consider trying out street fundraising as a job.

I was quite surprised she even said that to me.  When I am walking and daydreaming I apparently look rather grumpy.  Her opening line to start the conversation with me was “are you not having a good day are you?”  Well I was just on my way to spend a fair about of my precious Australian money so I could stay in my dirty cockroach invested sweat box for another 2 weeks.  There are other things I’d rather spend my decreasing amount of money on than rent.
We had a brief discussion about working as a fundraiser, I asked her questions about the job like what are the good points and what are the rudest things people have said to her.  She said that she had been called a prostitute by a tramp and had her arse grabbed by some shady business men.  She also said that some guy was walking past her and was so busy checking her out that he walked into a tree.

At the end of the conversation she gave me the website address and told me to check it out.  I wasn’t really going to but during the walk I couldn’t stop thinking about it, the idea of me doing street fundraising.  Like it is something I could never imagine myself doing.  I don’t really like talking to people; I hate the sound of my own voice.  Especially now I have been told I sound like Harry Potter that specky twat on a broom.

I am quite vocal when I am with people I know but never to strangers.
This job, it just isn’t me.  But getting onto a plane and flying 10,000 miles isn’t me either.  So I thought “fuck it, this is the last type of job I could see myself doing so let’s do it”. 
Australia has so far been about pushing the boat out, doing stuff I normally wouldn’t do and being bold.  What better way of doing this than getting a job as a street fund raiser?  I filled out the online application and within minutes I received a phone call inviting me to an interview tomorrow.  If only every job I applied for had such a fast response.  They must be keen.
My interview is tomorrow at 4:30 and I still think I am mad for even applying.

Could this be me?

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