Thursday, 29 March 2012

(Day 20) Training Day

Wednesday 21st March (Day 20)

Today was my street fund raising training day where I apparently get trained in the art of street fund raising.  I was still in 2 minds about getting up this morning to go to the training day. 
I was running late, there was always something to do before leaving the house.  Probably because part of me still didn’t want to go today.  I thought I gave myself enough time but the place always felt like it was another few minutes away, always past the next block, always around the next corner.

I arrived 10 minutes late and I was tired and quite sweaty.  It was a hot day and I was walking as fast as I could to get there.  Arriving 10 minutes late and feeling uncomfortably sweaty was not the first impression I wanted to give.  The guy who was doing the training was unhappy with me to say the least.  “What, no phone call or anything?” he said in an angry and disapproving voice like I had deeply offended him by showing up 10 minutes late.

In fairness being made to wait for over an hour for my interview gave me the impression that they didn’t stick to a tight clock in this organisation, but clearly I was mistaken.

He reluctantly led me into the training room where 4 none sweaty people were sat around a big U shaped table.  Two of the people I recognised from the interview day.  The training guy said that I had 3 minutes to complete all the paperwork before they began training.  After scribbling down my details onto some forms that should normally take 10 minutes to do properly I had to hand them in.  He wasn’t happy that I missed some sections that I thought I didn’t need to do.  “You and I are going to have fun today aren’t we?” he said in that disapproving tone of voice that he only spoke to me in.  After a brief introduction we began going through a large workbook that discussed:
  • Communication (talking to people)
  • Stopping (recommended techniques for stopping a stranger)
  • Building rapport (making it look like you are interested in the stranger you are talking to)
  • Pitch (the script we had to follow)
  • Concern handling (how to turn that no into a reluctant yes)
  • Anchoring (make the stranger feel good that they have just given some weird person on the street their bank details)

Overall the training day wasn’t bad, the training guy even began to warm up to me a bit.  Although he did take 15 minutes off everyone’s lunch because of me being late at the start of the day.  (A girl in the group was also 5 minutes late and he added her 5 minutes to my 10 minutes to take 15 minutes off our lunch).

One thing that did annoy me about the training day was the guy kept saying how quickly we were getting through all the stuff and that we would at this rate be leaving early at around 3 o’clock.  What time did we actually leave?  It was closer to 6 o’clock.

I left the training day feeling very tired and a bit overwhelmed.  I was starting on the streets tomorrow and I had so much to remember.  So much information was hurled at us today and I’m not sure if any of it has actually sunk in.

I guess I will find out what I remember tomorrow when I hit the streets of Sydney and to be honest, I am dreading it.

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