Wednesday, 28 March 2012

(Day 20) The Two Mikes

Wednesday 21st March (Day 20) 

I have actually messed up the dates a bit, it was Monday when I had the interview, and Tuesday was when I was told to expect the phone call telling me whether I got the job or not.  After being approached by a fundraiser on Monday I actually had the interview that evening. 

The reason I got the dates mixed up is because I didn’t really do anything on Tuesday worth talking about.  I was just sat around watching Indiana Jones and waiting for the phone to ring.
Without a job my days have started to lack structure and some have begun merging with the adjacent days.

It got to about 4:30 and I was told to expect the phone call at 4:00 so I decided to ring them myself and find out.  The woman I spoke to sounded a bit surprised that I had rang her, “impatient are we?” she said, I said “no, just keen”.
She had a look on the computer to find out the results, I am not sure why she needed to do this because she was the one who did the interviews in the first place.  Could she not make up her own mind without the aid of a computer?

I was still in 2 minds about whether I wanted her to say I had the job or not.  If she said that I wasn’t picked for the job I think I would be disappointed but relieved and vice versa if she said I was picked for the job I think I would be happy but terrified.  It was an odd 30 seconds as I kept swinging from one direction in my head to the other whilst waiting for her answer.
After looking up some stuff on the computer she then congratulated me and said the job was mine.  I can’t believe I actually got the damn job!  She said “are you excited?” and I replied “ugh, sure”.

I have never been so unsure and clueless about something, not since my year 3 Mathematics exam on my degree course.  Do I really want to go to the training day on Wednesday?  Part of me feels like I can still pull out of this whole thing now, but no I am going to push myself.  If I don’t do this I will never know.

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