Tuesday, 6 March 2012

First night out

After getting back from the Mardi Gras and leaving my soaked clothes to dry (which doesn’t take long in this hot climate) I heard that people from the hostel where going on a night out.  The venue was the Kings X (cross) Hotel.  I have read that a lot of drinking venues in the city are actually hotels as well.  I think having a night club as a hotel is both a great and terrible idea.  It’s great because going from your room to the club could not be easier; this is also very convenient if you pull someone.  However if you have no intention of clubbing then you will be staying in the world’s nosiest hotel.
I was quite excited about my first night out in Sydney.  I waited under the whiteboard (whilst using one of the computers) until some people who looked like they were going on a night out showed up.  I tagged along with them and headed off to the Kings X Hotel.  On the way I heard that this place had 6 floors, each with a different theme.  After we got in it wasn’t long until we got separated.  I decided to have a look at each floor.  As far as I can remember there was the main bar, the retro bar (which was empty), the games bar (with pool tables), the balcony bar (which was awesome but very crowded), the live music bar (which was $10 to get in) and the dance / rave bar.  I met up with the guys a few minutes later on the stairs; they were discussing what they were going to do that night and which floor they were going to hang around on.  After a quick conversation they scattered off with two of them going downstairs and one of them going upstairs.  I was left on my own like they didn’t even know I was there, this was humiliating.  I was in two minds about just calling it a night but I had paid $10 to get in and this was my first night, plus the club was pretty awesome.  So I thought “fuck it, I will find some other people”.  I looked through the floors until I saw a group of German and Finnish girls who I recognised.  They weren’t from my hostel but I saw them chatting to the group of guys from my hostel who had left me.  I went up to them and asked one of them if they had seen the guys, I was not interested in finding the guys again I just said that to start the conversation.  The girl I spoke to said that they hadn’t seen them but I could hang out with them instead.  I spent a good few hours going from floor to floor with his group and I had a great night overall.  I had to leave before they did because jetlag was catching up with me but overall I met a bunch of really cool people and managed to salvage a good night out. 

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