Tuesday, 6 March 2012

This is not my phone; this is my phone's Australian cousin

Today I walked into Sydney on a mission to get an Australian sim card for my phone!  I needed to get an aussie sim because using my UK sim was costing me a lot of money.  I spoke to my UK phone provider last night to change my sim from contract to pay and go, this way I can keep my number without having to pay £20+ per month for a sim I was not using.  This seemed like a good idea and the phone company agreed with me but there was one small problem.  They can only change my contract when my sim card is in the UK!  So basically to change my contract I have to mail my sim card back to the UK, get someone to put my sim into a phone and then turn the phone on before anything can be changed.  I think this is stupid, I bet if I asked them to upgrade my contract or something that involved me paying them more money they would have found a way of doing that whilst my sim was in Australia.
After a bit of research and the recommendation from the girl in the estate agent across the road I had decided on an aussie sim provider and I found that they had a shop in downtown Sydney that was within walking distance.
As I walked into the city I saw the rainbow flags of gay pride hanging off some balconies, there was even a guy with a stand giving them out.  I had heard that the Mardi Gras carnival was coming to town soon.  I had noticed a few guys eyeing me up on the walk into Sydney, for some reason gay men seem to be attracted to me, though I am not gay myself.
I reached the phone shop where I was greeted by a tall sales guy, I told him what I was after and he talked me through some of the deals and offers they had.  I found one that suited me well although he said that I would get a better price if I bought it online.  One other thing I went to enquire about was if my phone would accept an aussie sim card.  This involved turning my phone off, putting a test sim card into it and turning it on again.  At this point I was in a very chatty mood, I haven’t really spoken much since I got here and I had a lot of words built up, I was telling him about my UK phone provider making me mail my sim card back to the UK amongst other stuff.  The conversation was going great until the sales guy looked down and saw the welcome message on my phone.  I can’t believe I had forgotten about that welcome message again!  I apologised and said that “uh sorry, one of my mates put that in and I don’t know how to change it”.  He didn’t seem too bothered though.
I left the shop knowing what sim I was going to get.  I really need to get that sim asap so I can start chasing apartments and job vacancies.  I need to change that welcome message also.

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