Monday, 5 March 2012

The walk into Sydney

I woke up this morning feeling pretty miserable, I just did not like where I was at all.  I got up at about 7:30 as breakfast was running between 7:30 and 9:30.  This morning I had an appointment at a bank in Sydney to open up my aussie bank account.
I was quite excited about the idea of free breakfast, I was expected some cheerful chef to be in the kitchen cooking up scrambled egg and sausages for everyone and you could have as many as you want.  The actually free breakfast wasn’t anything like this.  Instead I came downstairs to find 2 boxes of cereal, some cartons of milk, some stacks of bread and some jam.  There was a sign blue tacked onto the wall saying this was breakfast.
Naturally I was disappointed by the lack of scrabbled egg and sausages but what I think was worse was the atmosphere in the room.  It was that kind of atmosphere where you enter a room where there has just been a massive argument.  Everyone had a face like thunder and seemed only interested in eating and sodding off up to their rooms.
After breakfast I packed up my bank stuff and left the house of sorrows to head towards Sydney.  Since I arrived last night when it was dark this was actually the first time I could see Australia in the light, and it was awesome.  The architecture was amazing; all the buildings look like they haven’t changed since the 1800s.  Many of the houses I walked past had this Victorian era look about them and they put new modern houses to shame.  It is the attraction to detail and the brass work that make them so fascinating.  The number of trees and bushes growing on the streets was also amazing.  It was like something out of Jumanji (Robin Williams film).  All around me I could hear sounds of exotic bird, the kind of sounds I have only heard whilst watching David Attenborourgh or when I went to the zoo.  It was all amazing.

After walking down some streets a gap in the trees emerged and I saw Sydney’s iconic Harbour Bridge and Opera House.  To see these for the first time in real life was just inspiring.

There they are!

After walking down a steep hill downtown Sydney came into sight and it too was also an amazing sight.  I knew Sydney was a big city but I wasn’t expected anything on this scale.  The city came into view so suddenly; it felt like there was a distinct line from where the suburbs stopped and downtown Sydney started.  One thing I noticed when I got into the city has how clean Sydney was.  There was just no litter anywhere, and it wasn’t like there were a million bins scattered around either, it was just tidy and clean and makes Manchester (where I am from) look filthy.  The bad mood I had from the morning and night before had completely gone.  I felt like “this is why I am fucking here!”

I bet you are glad you are not here Vicki :P

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