Thursday, 12 April 2012

(Day 30) Breaking and Entering

Saturday 31st March (Day 30)

I arrived back at the house to be greeted by 2 random Irish girls sat in our back garden.  I assumed they were Mick’s friends (Irish guy who lives next door).  After general introductions and stuff they asked me if I had a key for next door as the back door was locked and they needed to get inside to get some booze that was in Mick’s room.  I didn’t have any keys but the kitchen window was open and the gap was big enough for me to climb in.

I was quite happy at first to climb into the window at their request but half way through I suddenly started doubting my actions.  I was breaking into a house on the request of these 2 girls who I didn’t actually know.  For all I know they could have been trying to rob the house and then heard me come in and decided to act like they knew someone inside.

But they must be Mick’s friends?  Surely, no burglar waits in someone’s back garden to be let in.  I was half way through the window and I couldn’t really stop now.  It would be terrible rude it I did.  After somewhat regrettably letting them in they headed straight to Mick’s room.  They seemed to know their way around the place and they did describe exact what they wanted from Mick’s room.  It was a crate of beer and that is all they took from Mick’s room.

We were just leaving the house when Mick himself showed up.  There seemed to be a bit of tension between Mick and one of the girls and I had just assisted in allowing her into Mick’s room without his permission.  I quickly made myself scarce and disappeared into my room.

After a while things seemed to calm down and I started hearing other people who were coming back from the night out.  I was hearing new voices from the garden and I couldn’t get to sleep so I decided to get up and chill with whoever was in the back garden.  I stayed up and chatted with mainly Irish people until around 5 o’clock in the morning.  After so much wine, so much food, a hectic night out and breaking into my neighbour’s house all I had to look forward to was my insanely uncomfortable bed.  It is the kind of bed you would expect to find in a North Korean prison.  

I had fun today but tomorrow I will be paying for it.

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