Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Sunday Reflection IV - Friendships with an expiry date

Sunday 1st April (Day 31)

I live in a house full of people from different nationalities, from the top of my head the nationalities of the people in this house include English, Irish, French, Spanish, Dutch, Canadian, Kiwi (New Zealand), Japanese, Chinese and Indonesian.  Everybody in this house is a traveller like me who have come from their home country to take some time out to see the world, and like most travellers plan to return to their home country.

I have only been in this house for nearly a month and already one person has moved out and another 3 people have mentioned that they will be leaving soon this week, which is a shame.  I like everyone in the house and I have made some good friends here.  So it is a bit sad to think that the people I get to know well and have a good laugh with will be leaving on a fairly regular basis.  I am sure that the new people who come into the house to replace the people who have left will be nice but, I like the people here at the moment.

Another thought is that most people stay in this house for less than a year so when I look to the start of 2013 or even earlier there is a good chance that everyone who I currently share the house with would have left and moved on by then.  I may well end up being “that guy who has stayed in the house the longest” compared to everyone else staying in the house at the time, and that is not really a title I want.

Soon people will be leaving me behind, and then I myself will be leaving people behind.  My year in Sydney will be filled with as many goodbyes as hellos.

Oh well, I guess it is better to have met people and to see them leave than to never have met them at all.

The photos on the fridge are full of people I don't know.
Most these people in this photo will probably be gone soon.

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