Friday, 13 April 2012

(Day 32) Coincidence

Monday 2nd April (Day 32)

As you may well remember last week I left my job as a street fundraiser and then decided I wanted to return to fundraising after being approached by another company.  Since then I have been waiting around for them to give me a call to invite me for an interview like they said they would at the time, but that phone call hasn’t come.

So this morning I decided to go onto the company’s website and apply through the website.  From my previous experience of applying through a fundraiser company website the time it takes for them to phone you back is very short.  Last time I had barely closed the website when I received a phone call from them.

I applied this morning bright and early at around 9:00 but after a while no phone call came.  Maybe they weren’t recruiting anymore?  Maybe that is why they didn’t contact me last week?  Maybe they just don’t like me?

After lounging around for most of the day I decided to head to the shops.  I needed to go shopping but I also knew that the chance of me running into a fundraiser was quite high.  There are enough of them working in Sydney and there is a corner on the way to the shops outside the train station where they always work.  That was where they stopped me last week and this whole wanting to get back into fundraising thing began.

So I headed into town and surely enough I got collared by a fundraiser on the corner outside the train station.  I think I am probably the only person who has ever walked into a city wanting to be stopped by a fundraiser. 

I got talking to this girl and she took out a recruitment form to take down my details.  Half way through filling out this form I got the inevitable phone call I had been waiting for all day.  They would phone me now wouldn’t they?  What a coincidence.  I laughed with the woman on the phone and the girl in the street saying “you guys just can’t get enough of me”.

Anyway, moral of the story is, I have an interview tomorrow.

The corner outside the train station.


  1. That's not the moral of the story. That's the conclusion you bumbaclut.

  2. Myles is right, the moral of the story is avoid street corners near train stations :D anyway well done for sticking at it, if it was me I'd probably have given up by now with the fundraising doo-dah but that's because I'd rather work in somewhere I can sit down because I'm lazy ;)