Tuesday, 24 April 2012

(Day 35) Training Day II

Thursday 5th April (Day 35)

Today was the day I was going to be trained up in the art of street fundraising (for the second time).  I arrived at the office on time; the office was a lot quieter today.  There were no crazy games or award ceremonies this morning.  I think they are only done every Tuesday morning, doing something like that every morning would just be insane.

The setup for the training day was similar to the interview day with everyone sitting around in a circle.  The main difference being the poorly whiteboard that was being sold to me last time was now joining us as part of the circle.

Ben was taking a more informative approach this time; talking us through the process of approaching people, building rapport, rapping people (going through the script) and filling out the signup form.  He was using the whiteboard and writing stuff down for all of this. 

One of the main parts of talking to someone about the charity (rapping) is something called the “emotional rollercoaster”.  The script we are given is divided into different parts and each has a different emotion.  For example the part where we talk about the number of children dyeing the tone is sad and sombre but when we start talking about the charity and the work we do the tone changes dramatically from sad to super happy.

Taking the person we are talking to through the emotional rollercoaster is vital to signing people up.  Ben gave us some examples of previous fundraiser who had messed up the rollercoaster.  He said that one guy was talking about how young African boys are given AK-47s and made to shoot their families; however he was saying this not in a sad and mournful voice but in a happy and upbeat voice with a big cheesy grin on his face.  As a consequence he was confusing people and therefore wasn’t signing many people up.

After talking about rapping we started to learn more about the actual charity we were going to represent.  Ben got each of us to read a paragraph from a booklet we were all given about the charity we were representing.

Can I tell you which charity I was representing?  I have always been unsure what I can and can’t say in this blog without risking infringement.  Well let’s just say the charity I was going to represent are very much focused on saving the children.

I hate reading text aloud; I have always been terrible at it.  I remember back in school in my English class whenever I was attempting to read aloud I would always know when I made a mistake because people who were following the same paragraph I was reading would suddenly raise their head and look at me in confusion.  When I read aloud I have a habit of mixing up words in sentences and sometimes I leave out whole words.  This can make the sentence take on a whole new meaning.  It makes reading book quite interesting; I usually end up reading a completely different story than the story that is actually printed on the pages.

Anyway if I concentrate hard whilst reading aloud I can usually stop this from happening and I managed to make it through my paragraph about the charity without too many people raising their heads.

During the whole interview my eyes kept meeting with some girls eyes who was sat across the circle from me.  At one part Ben was talking about the subject of fundraisers and personal information and used me as an example.  He was talking about what I should do if a random girl was to ask me out on a date in the street whilst I was fundraising.  When he said this I saw the girl smile in a shy way.  Did she smile because she liked my name and the word date in the same sentence?

The final part of the training was all paperwork related.  We had to fill out 2 identical forms (employee and employer copies).  The girl who was smiling at me finished her paperwork before me and headed to the door to leave.  I was still half way through the paperwork; some of the sentences I was reading didn’t make sense.  I thought to myself “should I go after her and ask her for her phone number?”

I decided yes and I casually walked towards the door however when I got to the hallway she had already gone.  The lift must have already been at our floor.  Oh well, I will most likely see her soon.

After finishing off the paperwork and handing it to Ben I headed off home.  I started the day feeling confident about this job.  I thought “the first time was just a trial, this is the real thing!” but after the training I wasn’t feeling so confident.  We had been told so much during the day!  There was just so much to take in and only a few days to do it in.  The script alone is a good full page of size 8 font and not only do you have to know it all but you also have to nail the emotional rollercoaster.

There was also a subject that was on my mind.  It is called Rebuttal or Objection Handling.  I was told not to worry about it until the second day but I was worrying about it now.  It is like twisting peoples arm into signing up and I hated it before.  I really sucked at it and I know that if I want to stay in this job I would have to get good at it

How am I going to take this all in?  It is just so much...

It is a lot to take in, especially for a job where
you must hit the ground running

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