Saturday, 28 April 2012

A sneak peek into next week

Recently I have let things slip a bit and I am more behind than ever now, but don’t worry.  I have got my act together and I have a schedule for myself to stick to.  Following this schedule will ensure that I am up-to-date by Sunday 6th May (next week).
To make sure I stick to this schedule I am going to publish it so you guys can tell me off if I fall behind.  It also gives you a sneak preview into what is coming up.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it.  (And I do enjoy writing it).

Saturday 28th April
  •          Gonna start a revolution from my bed (Friday 13th April)

Sunday 29th April
  •          Argyle and Night out in the docks (Saturday 14th April
  •          Sunday 29th – Sunday Reflection V (Sunday 15th April)
  •          Chipping Away (Monday 16th April)
  •          The Breakthrough (Monday 16th April)

Monday 30th April
  •         Unsettled (Tuesday 17th April)
  •          One Door Closes (Wednesday 18th April)

 Tuesday 1st May
  •          Another Door Opens (Friday 20th April)
  •          Mexican Night (Saturday 21st April)
  •          The Wrong Man (Saturday 21st April)
  •          Training Day III (Monday 23rd April)

Wednesday 2nd May
  •          Anzac Day, (Wednesday 25th April)
  •          Ignorance is Agony (Wednesday 25th April)
  •          The Best Job in the World, Almost (Friday 27th April)

Thursday 3rd May
  •          Spectrum and 60’s music (Friday 27th April)
  •          Sunday Reflection VI What?  On a Thursday? (Sunday 29th April)

Friday 4th
  • Untitled (Monday 30th April and Tuesday 1st May)

Saturday 5th May
  • Untitled (Wednesday 2nd May, Thursday 3rd May, Friday 4th May)

Sunday 6th May
  • Untitled (Saturday 5th May and Sunday Reflection VII 6th May)


  1. Looking at that list myself it is quite a lot for me to write in one week and quite a lot for you guys to read. But don't worry, I will be keeping the stories short.