Monday, 30 April 2012

(Day 43) "Gonna start a revolution from my bed"

Friday 13th April (Day 43)

There are 2 things worth spending good money on in life.  Can you guess what they are?
Shoes and beds.  Why?  Because if you are not in one of them you are in the other.  You spend 1/3 of your life in bed (well in my case probably about 1/8 at the moment) and when you are not sleeping you are awake and probably wearing shoes.  They are the 2 unsung heroes of modern day life and they are worth investing in.

The reason why I am saying this is because my new mattress arrived today, only 4 weeks late!  I ordered a new mattress pretty much after the first night I attempted to sleep in this house.  The mattress left by the previous tenant was just horrific.

It has clearly been handed down through generations of tenants each leaving there own mark on it.  When it came to deciding which side of it I was going to sleep on I had to pick the less of the 2 evils.  One side had clearly been slept on by a girl during her menopause, the other side looked like it had been slept on by someone with bladder control problems.  Either way I was in for a rough night’s sleep.

It wasn’t a decent mattress to begin with anyway.  It is basically just a big piece of foam about the width of my fist.  Every time I want to turn over I feel my hip press into the slats of the bed.
After 4 weeks I just feel like I have been in a car crash.  To be honest I don’t even try and sleep at night now because it is just a chore.  I just make do with the odd nap here and there.  But anyway hopefully that will all change now with my new mattress!

The first thing I noticed whilst unpacking it was the smell.  It has that lovely fresh out of the Chinese factory that is clearly breaking all environmental laws smell.  I never knew you could make a mattress out of nail polish remover and cat piss.

Another complaint is that the mattress looks ridiculous on my bed.  The other anorexic mattress looked relatively normal on the little bed I have in my room but this mattress looks huge compared to the bed.

It isn’t half bad though lying on it.  As I was lying down on the new mattress I could already feel my back start to mend itself.  It might look a bit stupid and smell like my old chemistry teacher but it is exactly what I needed.

And on a note about work, since my attempt at work on Wednesday I have phoned up ill again Thursday and Friday.  I think it is just best to write this week off, sleep well over the weekend and start again fresh next week!

The old, about as fun to sleep on as a sack of potatoes 

I dread to think...

The new, looks a bit alien on my little bed

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