Thursday, 3 May 2012

(Day 46) Chipping away, (Fundraising II)

Monday 9th April (Day 46)

My first real day

Today was my first proper day of working as a fundraiser for the new mad company.  Last week I was ill for 4 days and when I did go in I was sent home for not knowing the script.
Yeah, I had done fundraising before for the last company but I don’t really count that time.  I never really got my feet on the ground with that job.  I count my experience with the last company as an “introduction to fundraising” and this time was my first proper experience in fundraising.  So I have written off last week, and today is the start of a new week. 

I was working in a suburb called Burwood.  The best way of getting to these suburbs is by train since I live just across the road from the main train station.  I always plan my journeys online the night before so I get there on time.  However the internet was not working so I didn’t know how long it would take to get to Burwood, so I just played it safe and jumped onto an early train at around 8:30 giving me around 90 minutes to get to Burwood.

This was great because Burwood turned out to be less than 20 minutes away!  I had over an hour to kill at the train station.  This gave me time to go through my script again but it just wasn’t going in.  I just don’t feel like I can cram anymore into my head.  If I memorise one section of the script I just push another section out of my head.

When the time started approaching 10 o’clock I headed to the ticket barrier to meet up with my team.  This is one of the interesting parts of this job because the only information you are given about your team members are their names, and today I was working with Joy and Will with Joy being the team leader.

It is really interesting waiting in a public place looking at everyone and thinking “is that joy?”
The time was now almost 10 and a train had arrived at the station.  I knew that a crowd of people were just about to come round the corner and I assumed Joy would be among them.  I started playing a game where I would think to myself “the next person who comes round the corner is Joy” ...then some old man comes round the corner, I don’t think that is Joy.

Again, I think “the next person is going to be Joy!” and then some fat old woman comes round the corner...  “No, that is probably not Joy either, I hope not anyway...” 

“Alright, the next person is Joy”, then some little Indonesian looking girl comes round the corner.  “No, that is not her... wait, why is she walking towards me waving?”  It was Joy.

Will was the other member of our team and he quickly appeared out from the crowd.  After brief introductions we headed to our spot to start working. 

Chipping away

We arrived at the place where we were going to fundraise and shooed off a group of fundraiser who were already in our spot.  We managed to shoo off the other fundraisers by playing the ultimate trump card, we had a permit to work in this area and they didn’t.

After they packed up and cleared off we started to get ready and to be honest I was not feeling confident at all.  I had to go through my script with Joy and I really didn’t do that well.  I knew I was on the border line of being sent home again for not knowing my script, probably for the last time but she let me stay and practice.  After 20 minutes of frantically going through the script she threw me a t-shirt and told me to start working.  It was hard, I was keen but nervous.

After a difficult morning we headed to lunch, my confidence was a bit low but I was doing alright.  I had 2 very negative comments this morning.  I was waving at one guy and he said “you can put your hand down mate because I don’t give a flying fuck”.  A middle aged woman I tried to stop turned around and said “I wish you guys would stop harassing people!” in a rather angry voice.  Although they didn’t really bother me at the time I couldn’t get there comments out of my head. 

Was what they said true?  Was I just a nuisance on the streets?  Had I ruined these peoples day?  I don't want to be that guy... I'm a nice guy, I don't want to ruin people's day.  How am I going to get through the afternoon?

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