Thursday, 3 May 2012

Some big announcements

Hello guys, I am making a few changes to my blog:

I am changing my writing

Awesome people keep telling me that they are behind on my blog and to be honest I don’t blame you guys, hell even I am behind on my blog!  Writing about every day is just too intense so I am changing what I write about.  My blog will still be like an online diary but rather than writing about everyday events I am going to focus more on big events.

Life in the picture is returning as a series

Most of you guys probably won’t know this but I am very much into photography.  Actually photography was my second choice as a degree to study at university but lost out in the finals to Civil Engineering.  On reflection I think a degree in photography is probably a waste of time anyway.

But anyway the way this series will work is that I will post a series of beautiful photos following a theme (like buildings, nature etc) all in and around Sydney.  At the same time I will announce what next’s week theme will be so you can look forward to it.  This series will be a weekly thing although I haven’t picked a day etc, either Wednesday or Saturday.  This series will start just as soon as I can afford a proper camera, at the moment I am eyeing up a Nikon D5100 for around $700, eek.

I am going to start using Videos and Video Blogging

I think using the media of video will make telling you guys about my life in Sydney more personal.  I don’t really plan on becoming a “youtuber” or anything big like that, just using videos with occasional narrations.  Videos will be posted on my youtube channel but also linked into my blog like any normal post.  I will start video blogging in the next few days.  I have a reasonable camcorder now but the quality of my videos will improve a lot after I get my Nikon D5100.

And you guys

Let me know what you think of these changes.  I very much appreciate input, comments and feedback so don’t be shy.  You can comment on this post or send me an electronic mail to my electronic mail address at

Thanks, Mike 


  1. Hey man, yeah I agree with the fact it's a bit much for you to be writing everyday - although I do enjoy reading about your antics, you have some great discriptive sense; you could probably write some good books if you put your mind to it ... now regarding the Nikon camera - it's entirely your choice but isn't $700 a bit steep? can't you get one for $300 that's still decent? I know you're passionate about photography and you may well get your money's worth out of the D5100 but you'd also have to add money on top of that $700 for insurance, so I would suggest just weighing up your other options before you go making expensive impulse buys. Hope everything is going peachy and you're managing to get a good night's sleep now :)

  2. Cheers man, the writing style isn't going to change its just going to be slightly less day by day.

    I know the camera may seem a bit of an impulse buy but I have always wanted a slr camera, I wanted to borrow my dad's Samsung gx-1l for a year but he needed it. There is a big difference between a compact camera and an slr camera. I think now at the start of my year out is the best time to buy a good camera.