Wednesday, 23 May 2012

(Day 60) Let's smash it!

Monday 30th April (Day 60)

Let’s smash it

So, everything is in place now.  I have had ample training, probably more than most people.  I have been given more than enough time to learn my script.  And I have a highly motivated boss leading a team of charismatic individuals (and me).

So I was really looking to “smash it” today as my boss Alexis would say.  Although I found out early on in the day that the guy I worked with on Friday Chris had been fired.  Apparently he didn’t make enough sign ups to justify his position in the company.  This is the problem with fundraising, 95% of people don’t make the cut.  I thought Chris was good, how am I going to be kept on if he couldn’t?  This got me worried.


So I have been practicing the pitch a lot and I almost got my first sign up.  I stopped a young guy on his way to university; he was doing a very similar degree to the one I just finished so we immediately got on well.  I delivered a good pitch and when I got to the end which goes “so let’s get you on board!” he answered, “Ok, sure”.

What?  He actually wants to sign up?!  I have been trying for so long but now some twit has actually said yes to me!  However there were issues with his bank card.  I tried phoning the bank and passing the phone to him but he didn’t know the answer to his security question.  In the end he had to go otherwise he was going to be late for class.  Damn it, so close.

I was a bit down about just missing out but Alexis told me to keep going.  By lunch I was still on zero and I really needed to get some sign ups in the afternoon or the pressure would be on.  But no worries, I got two that afternoon!

Get in!

Yeah, I actually got some sign ups!  Both similar situations; guys on their way to a university class.  What was weird was they said yes straight away after the pitch.  People nearly always say no at first and we have to do something called “concern handling”.  Basically turn that no into a yes with polite persuasive charm.  But no I didn’t have to do any of that.

You could say this was too easy and I was sorted.  But there was an issue with the 2 sign ups I got.  Both people I signed up where under the age of 21.  Apparently 50% of under 21s cancel their donation in a few months and most fundraising companies won’t even touch them.  During my evaluation (first week) I am allowed to sign up one under 21 and the rest don’t count.  So really for my evaluation I only signed up one person today.  Alexis was happy I was signing up but said I needed to start getting some over 21s.

Oh well, it is a start!  Getting my first two sign ups without having to use any concern handling.  I am starting to think I might even make it past my first week this time!


  1. You are very charismatic and people love you!! Very proud of you xxx

  2. Well done man, your perseverance has paid off ;) I'm guessing Myles+Dave made australia (MDMA)? so let the party times begin for you guys :P