Saturday, 3 March 2012

Against the clock / arriving in Singapore

This flying against the clock is really getting to me now.  Time has always been reliable to me and the days and nights have come and gone when I have expected them to.  I haven’t ever looked at my clock to see that it was midnight then looked out the window to find it sunny outside.  But that is what it is like at the moment and it is messing with my head.
The sun had just come up when we started to approach Singapore and the view out of the window was amazing.  The bay on the approach to Singapore is littered full of tiny islands, all of them looked like little tropic paradises.  The water around these tiny islands was a very bright shade of blue showing just how shallow the water around these island were, really the islands themselves were just the tip of the land mass.  Some of these islands had a house built on them, and some had a house built next to them, so the house actually looked like it was built on water which was a very odd sight.  No doubt these houses are owned by stupidly rich people.
After we passed the maze of tiny islands a wall of large skyscrapers started coming into view, this I assume is the city of Singapore.
The large bay outside Singapore is full of hundreds of boats.  And these aren’t just small boats but massive cargo ships, and there are hundreds of them, all just sat floating there, and they were all facing the same direction.
After we passed the bay we quickly descended and landed at Singapore airport.
The first thing I noticed whilst getting off the plane was the heat.  The sun may have just come up but it already feels like the hottest day of the summer back in the UK.  I dread to think what it will be like late afternoon.
After leaving the plane and looking around the large modern clean airport of Singapore I suddenly started feeling super excited.  The feeling of nervousness and regret I had on the plane has been replaced by a huge amount of excitement.  I just feel like shouting “I’m in fucking Singapore!”  I really want to phone all my friends and family and tell them how I am in Singapore and how awesome it was.  I know I am just in the airport but still...
I have two hours before the final part of my journey starts and I head off to Sydney.

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