Saturday, 3 March 2012

The Journey (part 1)

I managed to make it through the airport in one piece.  The woman on the check in desk called me back saying “you might need this” referring to my passport that I had left on her desk.  A woman standing behind me near the departure gate tapped me on the shoulder to say “you have dropped this” referring to my plane ticket.  I can’t believe I had left my passport and dropped my plane ticket!  It is a miracle that I even made it onto the damn plane; I think sometimes I live a very charmed life.
Whilst waiting to board, First Class and Business Class people were invited to board first, it was interesting to see these odd few people stand up and walk to the gate past all the economy (normal) people.  They must have felt so smug.
As I got onto the plane I was greeted by very exotic looking stewardesses, they were oriental and dressed in very oriental and silky dresses. The other times I have been on a plane all the stewardesses were orange and had Geordie accents but those flights were only going to typical destinations like Ayia Napa and Magaluf.  This may sound a bit stupid but seeing these stewardesses was the first time I realised just how far I was travelling, and this made me somewhat nervous.
Walking through the plane was interesting as well because we entered at the front where first and business classes were but I was in economy class, so I had to walk through the plane watching it slowly degrade and get worse until I reached my seat in economy class.  I felt like the airline were rubbing it in a bit, like “this is what you could afford if you got a better job”.
In fairness my seat isn’t too bad but it is a stark contrast from the massive leather beast in the higher classes.  You could probably fit at least 3 economy seats in the space of 1 first class seat.
My seat (like all others) has a small TV screen in front of it with a wired remote control.  Here I can access the in-flight entertainment including films, TV shows, music and some very dated looking games.  I think I will be making the most of these as the flight is very long.
At the moment I feel a bit nervous but not much else.  To be honest I am just relieved to be on the plane.

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  1. I have uploaded a quick video of some footage I took on the plane, you can find it here:

    I am going to add more photos and videos to this blog very soon!