Tuesday, 20 March 2012

(Day 13) Bearings

Wednesday 14th March (day 13)

If you read my blog you will know that since arriving in Sydney I have gotten lost walking around the city on many occasions, and today was no exception.  I think I spent the majority of the day getting lost.  Just when I got to know Kings Cross (the area where the hostel was) I move to a new area, now I have to learn Surry Hills like I learnt Kings Cross.
I use the term lost a lot and maybe I am being a bit harsh on myself.  Perhaps I could use the term “unplanned exploration”, or “spontaneous wondering”.

Today I was doing my proper food shop; I had mainly got stuff for my room yesterday with only a small amount of food.  I decided to try and find the nearest supermarket that I originally attempted to find yesterday, I even took a map out with me and planned the journey before leaving but of course my urge to do unplanned exploration got the better of me and I was exploring areas that I had not intended to explore.  After one failed journey I went out again and finally found the wretched shop.

I was glad I didn’t spontaneously wonder on the way back because that would have been bad whilst carrying 2 heavy bags containing some frozen foods.  Putting food on the shelves in my room and in the fridge in the kitchen felt good.  I could actually survive in this house now.  Our fridge smells quite bad though; every time I go to open its door I know that there is a horrible smell waiting to jump out at me.  But it is nothing compared to the smell of the kitchen bin.  I have never smelt anything that bad in my life.  If I am ever hungry but I don’t want to cook I just open the bin for a second, the smell is enough to make even the most hungry of people not feel hungry anymore.

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  1. Hi Mike have just caught up with your blog- at least you'll appreciate the home comforts on your return! All that walking you must be exhausted, but maybe you could earn a bit by being a Harry Potter look-alike! Take care love Caz x