Saturday, 24 March 2012

(Day 17) Post St Patrick’s Day

Sunday 18th March (Day 17) 

I woke up in a pretty foul mood today after last night’s antics.  Last night I did actually phone the police regarding my phone because I was so pissed off.  I didn’t phone the emergency number of course, just the number for the local station.  I had never lost my phone or been kicked out of a club before and I suppose the combination of the 2 happening in one night at the same place made me feel overwhelmed and I wanted some advice from the police. 

The officer I spoke to asked me for a description of the bouncer and the woman who kicked me out and then he contacted the club himself.  I contacted him 10 minutes later and he said he spoke to the night manager (who was that bitchy woman) and she said the reason I was kicked out was due to intoxication.  She didn’t say anything regarding my missing phone though because I suppose she didn’t really give a shit.

The officer said that I should go to the club tomorrow to see if the phone had been handed in and if not go to the local police station and report it as missing.  This was sort of obvious advice and I suppose I didn’t really need to phone the police, but in fairness the officer said I had done the right thing by phoning them and not trying to approach the club again that night.
By the way if you are wondering how I was making all these phone calls; I was using a spare phone I had bought to make long distance calls back to England.

Anyway I headed off to the Kings X first thing that morning.  I was all piss and vinegar and I had it in my mind that I was going to storm in, demand to see the manager and shout at them.  I arrived and spoke to some guy at the bar; I said I needed to see the manager regarding an incident last night etc.  He said the manager was out on his lunch so I told him the story about last night instead.  He was a very nice and friendly guy who was very understanding and after talking to him the anger I had built up had gone.  Another bar guy overheard us talking and said he was working last night and picked up a phone on the 3rd floor (the floor I lost the phone on).  He said he would get it but he warned me that he found it smashed all over the floor.
Whilst he went to get my phone I got a drink from the bar, I got my wallet out to pay for it but the guy said I didn’t have to pay for this one.  The other guy came back with a box that was full of different parts of a phone (which was my phone).  Even the sim card had fallen out.  I wasn’t too worried about my phone though, I have been using sellotape to hold it together for years.  I slotted all the parts back together and pressed the power button.  The phone turned on fine with no problems.  The guy behind the bar said I could still follow up with a complaint about the night manager and stuff but after getting my phone back I wasn’t angry anymore.  I was just glad to get my phone back.

Really I have learnt that the tolerance towards alcohol is different here.  By law if someone is caught serving alcohol to an intoxicated person they risks fines and losing their license.  It is just not acceptable to be drunk in a public place here; tipsy yes but full on drunkenness is forbidden.  I even read this before I came out but I guess I forgot.  In future I will be watching more what I drink now before a night out. 

My phone <3

It has shoe prints all over it, the case is bent out of shape also

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