Friday, 23 March 2012

(Day 16) St Patrick's Day

Tonight was the real St Patrick’s Day night out.  I don’t know anything about St Patrick like who he was or why he is celebrated.  But I think if he was alive today and saw what people where doing on the day named after him I think he would be shocked.  Everyone just drinks so much and gets fucked out of their faces.  Is that what St Patrick did?  Is he remembered because he was the first person who discovered you could mix vodka and redbull or the first person to down a pint in less than a second?  I personally don’t know but I doubt it.  I am just trying to say that I believe the true meaning of St Patrick’s Day was lost a long time ago, drowned in a sea of Guinness and vomit.

St Patrick

Is this how we remember him?

And now I am going to talk about how drunk I got and sound like a massive hypocrite.

So basically I live with a guy who works at a shop that sells alcohol and he very generously brought a lot of alcohol and made the whole house a punch.  We are not talking about a small punch in a bowl but a punch that filled a 30 litre plastic box.  The best thing about this punch was it tasted fruity and didn’t taste strong, oh but it was. 

I really didn’t realize how drunk I was until much later on.  We were all sat around the ping pong table trying to play ring of fire which is usually a great drinking game but everyone was so drunk that we all kept forgetting the rules.

After finishing off the 30 litre punch we headed off to the city.  We got into a club quickly and had a few drinks there.  It was pretty good at first but after my second drink I started feeling unwell, not sick but like something wasn’t right.  I went to the bathroom and saw that my face was bright red, I don’t know what caused it but I was having a reaction to something.  I could just feel my face burning up.

We moved onto the next bar called Star Bar but I wasn’t allowed in.  I got collared by one of the bouncers whilst queuing up to get in, he had one look at me and said no.  I felt terrible because everyone else could get in ok and I felt like I was letting the group down.  I tried talking my way in to some manager woman who was outside but she was being a bitch to me.  She was just saying I was drunk and not articulating properly.  I was speaking fine, although at some points I thought I was speaking to 3 of her.

After being rejected we headed off to another club, can you guess which club? 
Yes, the Kings X hotel.  For a big city with lots of clubs I always seem to end up at this place for some reason.  I got in okay and thought that I could finally relax and have a good time but no.  What happened was I lost my phone on one of the dance floors.  I think I was attempting to poll dance and it came out of my pocket.  I knew I dropped it and that it hadn’t been stolen because I found the keypad on the floor.  My phone must have broke apart on hitting the floor and separated into pieces but I couldn’t see any of the pieces.  

The trail ends here.

I tried ringing it off a housemate’s phone but nothing lit up on the floor.  I asked the bar staff if it had been handed in but they were not helpful at all, they just asked if I wanted a drink.  Of course I don’t want a drink; I am trying to find my sodding phone.  I asked a bouncer and he said I should go downstairs and ask the bouncers by the door so I did that and they said I should wait there until the manager comes.  So I did this for a bit until some biggish woman came storming up to me and said I needed to go outside.  At first I thought “oh good, my phone must be outside” but after the bouncer at the door gave me a push whilst I walked past him I noticed that no-one was outside waiting for me with my phone.  I had just been kicked out of the Kings X hotel.  The bouncer who pushed me was just stood there with his arms folded, the expression on his face read “fuck off”.
I was so angry about being kicked out.  

When I lost my phone I sobered up a lot (mentally at least).  The woman who came charging up to me, I didn’t know who she was, I hadn’t even spoken to her and she didn’t even bother speaking to me.  How did she know I was drunk, for the last 10 minutes I had just been doing exactly what I was told.  It seemed to me that I had a problem (missing phone) and they couldn’t be arsed dealing with it so they chucked me out to remove the problem. 

I was seriously unhappy whilst walking back to the house.  I had felt humiliated about being rejected and letting down the guys in the house and from being kicked out for no apparent reason and I was furious about the way the staff treated me.  I had it in my head that I was going to get my own back by write a scathing story about this night (which I am) and these places and cause them to lose so much business that they have to close.  But in reality I don’t yet have quite enough readers to cause the closure of a club.  Maybe I will have this power in a few months.

I could probably just write this night off as a story but I really need my phone.  I need that phone back so badly.  Without it I lose all my pictures, my new contacts and I am unable to get a job.  This really sucks to be honest and hopefully I will get it back tomorrow.


Happy St Patrick's Day

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