Tuesday, 20 March 2012

I have made it easy to leave a comment

I have been told that leaving comments is a pain because you have to sign in using some form of account that most people don't have.  Anyway I have changed some settings so now anyone can leave a comment.

So don't be shy, post a comment, ask me a question.  I am here all week and I would love to hear from you guys.


  1. Hey Mike!

    We're all loving your blog!
    It's a great way of keeping to up date with what you're up to.
    You're a good writer & your blogs are always funny - like your Sunday sunroom stories! lol

    Today is the first day of Spring so happy Spring Equinox.
    We all miss you & hope you're well.
    Speak soon
    Love Angela x x x

    1. Thanks, is a spring Equinox when the days become longer than the nights?

      Miss you guys too.


  2. Hope your training went well yesterday.

    1. Mum you are giving away stories I haven't published yet, shh...