Saturday, 17 March 2012

(Day 11) Leaving the Nest

Monday 12th March
Day 11 (part 1/3)

Today is the day I’m moving out of the hostel and into my room in the shared house.    I have been in this hostel for 11 days now and I am sad to leave it behind.  I have been getting to know (especially just in the past few days) the people who work at the hostel and they are all really nice.  I also enjoy seeing the variety of new people coming into the hostel everyday; all from different backgrounds.
I had to check out at 10am but I wasn’t moving into my place until 4pm.  Luckily I already have plans to meet up and have lunch with a friend today, a girl I actually met on the plane flying from Singapore to Sydney.  I was meeting up with her in an area called the Olympic park.

One last comment about the hostel, the really loud building noise in the hostel for the last few days has been caused by people hammering down the new carpet with nails.  The new carpet came in small squares (about half a metre length/width) and they were hammering it down with a nail in each corner.  I overheard an argument between the builders’ yesterday evening, apparently the owner of the hostel has come in and decided that the carpet looks rubbish being nailed into place and wants the carpet glued down instead.  So I think the builders will have to pull up all the nails they have been hammering into the floor for the last 3 days.  I find this really funny and I feel a bit bad for them but at the same time they deserve it for making so much bloody noise.

Anyway before heading off to have lunch with my friend I had to put my suitcase and bags in the storage room so I could collect them later.  In this hostel they decided to have the bag storage room all the way up on the top floor which is a stupid idea.  My suitcase weights about the same as the moon and carrying it up all those stairs (half of which had lose carpet on) was a nightmare.  On the plus side though having my suitcase on the top floor made it less likely that anyone was going to run off with it.

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