Saturday, 17 March 2012

Sunday Reflection 1

(Day 10) Sunday 11th March 

I’ve decided because Sunday is the end of the week that I would write a special post every Sunday where I have a look back at the week that has just gone by and give my personal opinion on how I am feeling.

I will call this Sunday reflection because I can’t think of anything else to call it.
This week being my first full week in Sydney has been a big week for me, and not just because I am in Sydney but because I am so far away from anything that is familiar.  When I was living in student housing I was only a short drive away from my family home and when I went on holiday I was always with either my family or my friends.

But this is totally different.  I have left all of that behind on the other side of the world.  There are no home comforts here, no family or friends to turn to.  I am entirely responsible for myself here and what I do.  I think everyone should at some point go travelling, just leave everything familiar behind and go off for some time, where you don’t know anyone and no-one knows you.  Because then people don’t have any expectation of you and because of that you are not expected to act in a certain way.  You can just be, yourself.  

I am not saying that you become a different person or anything like that.  It is hard to describe but its just the feeling of responsibility you get out here, the realisation that everything you do is your choice and there are no family or friends to say “that is a bit out of character” or “that is not like you”.

I am probably coming across a bit weird now, but basically travelling is a great experience that I recommend to everyone, and I have only been here just over a week.

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