Thursday, 15 March 2012

(Day 9) Rushcutter Bay Park and the temporary escape from the city

(Day 9) Saturday 10th March (part 1/2)

I had quite a bad hangover from last night, I had drank quite a lot in the gay dance club to try and make me loosen up a bit and to feel less awkward but it didn’t really work.  Breakfast ran from 7:30 to 9:30 and I work up at 9:25.  I ran downstairs to grab a bowl of cereal before it was too late.  After breakfast I actually felt a lot better, the cereal really hit the spot.

Later that day I went out for the picnic with the girls from next door.  I didn’t have any food for myself to take to the picnic so I got a takeaway curry on the way instead (not really picnic food but I like curry).  The girls took me to a place called Rushcutter Bay Park which was in Rushcutter Bay.  Because the park was in a bay it was very close to water which meant there was a lovely cool breeze blowing from across the bay.  The lower temperature in the air made the park very relaxing and pleasant, although it was not very quiet in the park. 

Rushcutter Bay Park was an awesome place.

Across the park was a concrete pathway where people on skateboards, roller blades and push scooters where constantly passing.  I had never seen this many people pass on so many different types of light transportation.  To be honest I never saw what was wrong with walking.  Maybe I am behind with the times and walking just isn’t cool anymore.  

There were some tennis courts across from the path which were adding to the background noise but overall the park was a relevantly peaceful place.  We had to walk down a large flight of steep steps to get to the park which meant that the park felt like it was hidden away and isolated from the busy city above.

The city above, felt so far.

I was lying down on the ground thinking that England was just below me (well when I say just I mean a few thousand miles).  It was weird thinking that my home was straight down, not north east south or west, just straight down and if I dig deep enough I might come out in my back garden at home.  It is really a very odd thought.

The tress in England grow the other way.

Across the park was Rushcutter Bay, here I should see many boats just floating around the bay.  I have never liked boats much, probably because I don’t like water very much.  But I could really see the appeal of having a boat in Sydney.  The city is always busy and hot and I can’t imagine a better way of escaping the busyness and heat of the city than by sailing out into the harbour and beyond.  I idea was so tranquil and relaxing, but I had to snap myself out of it because I do not have a boat to escape on, and after a few hours of relaxing and eating chicken vindaloo it was time to re-enter the busy and hot city of Sydney. 

The chaos is calling me.

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  1. haha vindaloo ftw. I remember when it made me cry when we had currys round Ste's dad's house - don't eat ghost chillis though, that is just insane! x