Tuesday, 13 March 2012

This is not my phone number; this is my phone number’s Australian cousin (part 2)

(Day 5)

I walked into town again this morning to get my sim card sorted.  I had tried to buy one online but I kept failing the credit check, and once you fail once you cannot reapply for another 3 months.  So instead of getting a contract I just got a pay-and-go sim (known as prepaid here), and to be honest this was probably a better idea than getting into a contract.  I had changed the welcome message on my phone before I went into the shop; it now reads “Hey” which is a much friendlier welcome message than “fuck you”.

Much more welcoming

Whilst I was in the shop some aussie guy came in and started talking to one of the sales girl, his opening line was “Can you guys tell me what the fuck you are doing about my internet?”  Apparently he was a business owner and his internet had been down for 5 weeks which has been costing him a lot of business.  What was funny was he kept apologising saying “sorry if I sound pissed off by the way” and then he would proceed in using the f-word again several times in the next sentence.  It seemed in his mind that by apologising he could use the f-word a few more times again.
Anyway, I finally have my phone sorted which is great.  It is a nice feeling to be contactable on the phone.  Not having a phone on a local network made me feel isolated.  I can now look for future accommodation and a job.

Another glorious day in Sydney
And this is supposed to be one of the roughest areas

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