Thursday, 15 March 2012

(Day 5) The View

(Day 5) Evening, Tuesday 6th March

This evening I was getting pizza with the girls from the hostel next door and eating it on their roof terrace.  There was a special offer on at a pizza place nearby where you can get a pizza for a very cheap price.  We got our pizzas and headed back to the hostel to sit on the roof terrace.
Because I wasn’t a guest at their hostel I wasn’t supposed to be on their roof terrace as it is for hostel guests only.  I think all hostels don’t allow visitors in most of the building for security reasons.  It was quite funny walking past lots of massive signs telling me I was not allowed in this area and that I would get kicked out or arrested if found.  But I really didn’t want to eat on my roof terrace on my own.

The views from the roof terrace were incredible.  The sun was just setting and to see Sydney light up whilst the sky was darkening was just awe-inspiring.  It was just a perfect evening in Sydney and I just can’t put into words how awesome being on that terrace was.  It was just epic!

I took this picture on my phone and I really
doesn't do the view justice.  Imagine this, just
a million times better.

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