Monday, 19 March 2012

(Day 12) My Des Res (desirable residence)

Tuesday 13th March (Day 12) 

I didn’t sleep well last night, I woke up with the lungs of a 60 year old smoker and with the temper of my dreaded secondary school English teacher.  I was feeling bitter, ill and very hungry but I didn’t have any food in this house.  After getting some form of directions from one of my new housemates to the nearest shops I headed off only to get hopelessly lost.  When a person gives you direction to somewhere using their arms it seems really simple.  Yeah, the shops are just that way down George Street or whatever they called that damn road.  So I head off straight away in the direct they pointed thinking it is a straight journey to my destination but no, there is a bend in the road, followed by a fork, followed by a roundabout, and then another roundabout, and a bridge, and a u bend and then the road ends and you realize you’re in a field.  Of course I didn’t bring a map because I asked my flatmate for directions and it seems rude to ask for directions then to go get a map.

I ended up walking all over the city and it is amazing to see how the city looks different from different angles, I think the only angle I haven’t seen Sydney from is above or directly below.  I ended up walking into a place called Market City which you’d think would be a good place to find a super market but it really wasn’t.  It is one of those markets which is actually a proper market and not a super market.  One of these markets with all the little stalls where one would sell eight hundred different types of candles all made from organic wax from organic bees and scented with organic artificial chemicals.  A lot of the stalls were I think Japanese selling Japanese stuff, it was all very colourful with bright vivid contrasting colours on everything.  All in Japanese so I didn’t know what the hell they were selling.

I certainly didn't wake up with one of these.

I don't trust this guy.

I did also stumble across what I think was the financial district of Sydney.  Here the pavements were big slabs of dark grey slate and all the bollards and bins where made from galvanized steel.  Everyone around me was dressed in suits and had 2 blackberries in each hand and some bank notes shoved up their arses.  I must have looked so out of place.  I was wearing shorts and a tee-shirt (both haven’t been washed since I've arrived in Australia) and my face was red with exhaustion and sun burn.
I did finally stumble across a supermarket where I got most of the things I needed.  It wasn’t just food I needed in the house it also needed some accessories in my room such as a multi plug so I can use my laptop and a bin.

After I finally got back I finished sorting out my room by putting the bedding on the bed (which was finally dry now) sorting out the plugs and sticking a few photos and posters on the walls.  I had some food and then I could finally relax in a room was not only habitable but also felt like my room.  I wasn’t in some shady little closet full of dust and cockroaches.  I had cleared all of that out now and it felt like my room, and I liked it.

Not too bad.

About enough room to swing a mouse.

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