Monday, 2 April 2012

(Day 24) Sunday Reflection III - Work

I am feeling a bit bummed about having to go back to work tomorrow but I am not worried.  It is the same feeling I had after a week of starting my first full time job.  I feel a bit down because I am spending my time at work rather than being free to do anything I want to.  But that isn’t really true because my free time is spent doing unfulfilling things like staying in bed late and grazing on the internet.  Plus there is always the small issue of money; what is the point of having all this “free time” when you are penniless.

A few years ago after a week of starting my first full time job I was feeling a bit depressed.  I felt like the purpose of my life was to go to that office every day and spend all day sat in my chair in front of my computer.  That was my purpose in life and it was really getting me down.  But it was a silly thought really; of course that wasn’t the purpose of my life.  I was just feeling that way because I had never worked full time before and it was a shock to the system.

I could describe my feelings towards work as being a scale with an extreme on each sides.
On the negative side I would describe work as selling your life for money.  You just convert the hours of your day into money; effectively you are selling time, your time.  How much money you got for your time depended on how much your time was worth.  If someone was being paid more than you that is because there time was more valuable than your time.  It would be easier if they just built a machine, a booth that you stepped into and it just magically sucked time off you.  You leave the booth and it dispenses some money for the time you have just sold.

On the other end of the scale I would describe work as doing something you love.  It is a hobby and you find it fulfilling and rewarding.  The fact that you are getting paid for it is not important.  The only reason you get paid is to allow you to keep doing this rewarding hobby you enjoy every day.

So this scale is how I describe work in general.  Since it has been over a year since I had a full time job it is a bit of a shock to my lazy system and my feeling towards work is somewhat nearer the negative end of the scale.  But this is exactly how I felt before when I first started working and after a few weeks I quickly found myself moving up the scale more towards the positive end.  I hope one day I find myself right at the very end of the positive side of the scale.

Where are you on the “Mike’s Scale of Job Satisfaction”?  Is your job a hobby you get paid for or are you just selling your life for cash?  Maybe you are on the more negative side and you should consider finding a new job?  Or maybe you have found your calling and sit nicely on the positive side?  Join in and write a comment, don’t worry your boss does not read my blog, I checked.

This is going to catch on people!  In a few months you will see this in
every job centre and every recruitment company.


  1. When I left school in the 60s, there were far fewer distractions - only 2 channels on the T.V.,no computers, no playstation or Xbox etc, no nightclubs as such, no supermarkets to buy cheap booze from - what else was there to do but go to work?! Also, there were plenty of jobs to choose from, no staff shortages & therefore less pressure at work. Everybody worked so you didn't feel you were missing out on a social life- quite the opposite - you would have felt left out if you didn't work!! Does this help answer your question? Mum.

  2. Btw Mikel - I think you'll find your idea of selling time has already been made into a film ;)

    But I am liking the mike scale of job satisfaction - I think unfortunately there are more people at the lower end of the scale than there are at the top; but hopefully me, you and many of our generation that have an open mind and passion in their bellies will make it to the top ;P