Friday, 6 April 2012

New Archive system

I never liked how Blogger archived my posts so I have just added a new system which makes going through my posts and finding your favourite posts much easily.

Just thinking of you guys.


The Old.

The New.


  1. Let me know if you have any other ideas on improvements. I am always looking for new ways of making my blog better.

  2. Good job! it's much easier to navigate your blog now, one suggestion could be (it may not have been invented) but whenever you mention a place in your blog it comes up with famous people that have visited that area e.g. Circular Quay - Macaulay Culkin, Angelina Jolie; Olympic Park - James May :D

    or if you can't find a celebrity app, maybe just something that adds pictures of the area or something - if you have time, if not everything else is great.

    Have a great time today at the birthday (you'll probs be asleep now but remember - elastic band/cellotape yourself up so you don't lose your wallet etc. during drunken escapades ;)

  3. Also is your blog set to your local australian time or GMT? because I've just posted at approx. 6pm (BST = GMT+1) and it's come up as me posting at approx. 10am (?) - therefore you'd be 16 hours ahead of the UK? I thought you were like 11 hours ahead?

  4. ^^ This has been adjusted; so you're 9 hours ahead like you've most recently said - you cheeky mikel ;D