Friday, 6 April 2012

(Day 27) Lisa's Birthday

Wednesday 27th March (Day 27) 

Today was Lisa’s birthday; I can’t remember how old she is but it is either 19 or 20.  I always find it funny when someone complains about their age in the company of people who are older than themselves.

When it comes to age I always remember something my dad told me.  I asked him once “what were the best years of your life?”  He answered “the best years of your life are the ones you are living now”.  I think this is a very wise statement and I think everyone should have this outlook when it comes to there age (until time travel becomes commercially viable).
On the walk back from last night’s pizza I picked up a birthday card for Lisa and during the walk I was approached by a prostitute.  She asked me if I was looking for some company.  There was a sound of desperation in her voice, though she did have these lovely green eyes.  Not like I would ever go there of course.

Today I did the card signing errand where I go around knocking on everyone’s door and get them to sign the birthday card.  I quite like doing this; it is a good way of saying hi to everyone.  There are some people in the house who aren’t big drinkers and therefore don’t partake in most of the social drinking so we generally don’t see them very often.  Doing the card errand is a good way of checking to see if these people are still alive.

At one point I was getting a group of people sat outside to sign the card but then Lisa showed up and JC who was signing the card at the time had to quickly hide it.  Lisa looked at us suspiciously but I think she just thought we were acting weird again.

Tonight some of Lisa’s friends came round for a small birthday party.  The main party was Saturday so tonight was generally quite modest.  It was just a generally nice evening of drinking and talking. 

Lisa went into the house for a second and we decided to sing happy birthday to her when she came back out.  I was put in charge of counting us in which probably wasn’t the best idea because I was quite drunk.  After singing happy birthday Lisa’s friend started singing happy birthday in Swedish (because they and Lisa are Swedish).  It isn’t just the English version translated but a completely different version with a different rhythm and everything.  To think about it there are probably loads of different versions of Happy Birthday in many different languages and countries.

Overall tonight was a nice simple night, but I can already tell Saturday night, the main night out will be a messy one.

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  1. It was a good night, thank u for organising the birthday card for me!:)