Monday, 2 April 2012

(Day 25) The Sole Survivor enters his second week

Monday 26th March (Day 25) 

I am the last person left from Wednesday’s training day and I feel like I am holding some sort of gauntlet for that training day.  I don’t want to fall into the wayside like everyone else before me has done.

Today is Monday and every Monday the fundraisers meet up at the head office for some generic weekly meetings and to meet their new team mates (the teams change every week).  This week I was being paired up with 2 girls called Kay and Mina with Mina being our team leader (it’s funny; I haven’t worked with another guy yet).  I was told that I had been paired up with Mina because she was a great fundraiser and I was told I could learn a lot from working with her.

After some boring meetings we left the office and headed outside where I was asked to demonstrate my pitch (script); Mina wanted to know how much I knew and I don’t think she was impressed by my attempts at pitching Kay.  The thing is I didn’t practice my pitch at all over the weekend and the reason I didn’t practice it is because I didn’t want to.  I know that sounds lazy but the main reason was because I hated using the pitch.  I know I should have learnt the pitch and doing so would help me do the job immensely but really I wanted to stop and talk to people as myself and not as someone reading a few lines that they have been told to memorise.  It just made the job feel impersonal and I felt uncomfortable using it.

After a talking to by Mina I tried to force the pitch into my memory but really I was more interested in chatting to Kay.  After a bus and train journey we arrived in the town of Burwood 7 miles west of Sydney.  The weather was nice today and Burwood seemed like a nice little town.  Mina our team leader was working on the other side of the road which allowed Kay and I to continue chatting whilst people weren’t passing by.  Kay like myself was English and because of that I suppose we had a lot of common ground to talk about.  Like I love talking to people from all different countries but conversations just flow better when you are talking to someone from your home country.

Today passed at a reasonable pace, I felt my confidence improve in approaching people but my lack of knowledge of the pitch was preventing me from getting sign ups.  Both Kay and I ended the day without signing anyone up but Mina on her own managed a healthy 3 which to be honest was really important for the team since Kay and I hadn’t managed any.

Today was a reasonably good day but I am starting to feel the pressure of not signing anyone up.  I had been told on numerous occasions that the company expects people to get a signup before the end of the third day.  Today was the end of my third day and I still had no signups.  I feel like the lack of signups is going to come and bite me on the arse very soon.

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