Friday, 6 April 2012

(Day 28/29) Days of Idle

Thursday 29th and Friday 30th March (Day 28 and 29)

On Thursday and Friday I did very little worth talking about.  To be honest I was expecting a phone call from the street fundraising company I wanted to work for so I couldn’t really do much.
You can’t expect me to be Mikeing it up every day; I do occasionally give myself the day off.  I spent most of these 2 days watching stand up comedy, I had been recommended by Ryan (New Zealand housemate) to watch Dylan Moran and yes he is hilarious.  I love stand up comedy and one day I hope to be doing stand up comedy myself.  One day...

Between watching Dylan Moran I spent time thinking about my blog.  You may think my blog is simple and you are right, it is.  It is the story of my life in Sydney for one crazy year.  But I am always thinking up new ideas, new things to add and ways to improve my blog.  I am doing a fair about of behind the scenes work which hopefully you will see soon.

Tomorrow is a big day, I am going wine tasting in Circular Quay and then there is a BBQ and a big night out.  I can’t wait!  Like I said before, this is going to be a messy one.

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