Thursday, 5 April 2012

(Day 26) This isn’t over!

Tuesday 27th March (Day 26) 

I was walking back from my exit interview thinking about working as an engineer again when I was approached by a fundraiser.  She used a very interesting opening line to get my attention.  She said something like “ah, there you are, I have been waiting all day to talk to you”.  It was a little confusing but very flattering, I was like “what?” but when I said this I had a big smile on my face.  After we started talking I quickly explained that I had just quit my job as a fundraiser.  She said that it was there loss and I should come work for the company she works for.  She had a lot of faith in me considering I had just walked away from my last job less than an hour ago.

It got me thinking though; had I left fundraising too early?  Whilst this thought was on my mind I got approached by a second fundraiser.  She was just a little shorter than me; she had these big brown eyes that matched her brown hair and the brown tee shirt she was wearing.  Her eyes might have got my attention but it was the way she was talking to me that captivated me.  She was talking to me like we were best friends.  It wasn’t long before she was writing down my details so I would be contacted by the office and invited to an interview.

That’s right, I want to go back to fundraising, engineering can wait a bit longer.  It is because of the people who do fundraising, I have become fascinated by them.  How can someone be so happy and energetic throughout the day?  When the brown eyed girl spoke to me it was getting past 4 o’clock; it was near the end of her working day but she was still fresh as a daisy and full of energy. It is like each of them inside have a never ending fountain of happiness and charisma.

I want to know their secret; I want to know what makes them tick.  Is there some kind of secret fundraising drug they snort 3 times a day to keep them going?  Did an ordinary person receive a heavy blow to the head whilst thinking a happy thought and thus became a street fundraiser?

It is a shame that most people walk past fundraisers and pretend they don’t exist when really they just missed the opportunity to talk to probably the most interesting and charismatic person they will speak to all week.
What makes them smile all the time?
I want to spend more time with these people and I want to get good at fundraising.  Another reason for giving my details was because I liked the vibe with these people.  The atmosphere was good and they seemed happy with their job.  I had thought that fundraising wasn’t for me but maybe it was just the company I was working for wasn’t very good?  I can’t help but think that judging by the positive vibe with these fundraisers that things would be better with this company.  I am going to give street fundraising another go.  My first attempt was just a practice, an introduction.  This is the real thing!

I still want to do this, but not yet.
This is what I want to do for now, and I want to be a beast at it!

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  1. I'm sure you will be a beast mikel and if it really does make you happy then you should stick to it - but it's good that you're being practical as you do need money to survive and I myself don't know any rich fundraisers (well unless they're directors or something) - you've kept your options open and that's good, but at the same time you should work because you want to in that job and not because you've been persuaded by brown-eyed girls, I mean who knows maybe there's some brown-eyed engineers that might be equally as energetic and amicable? x

    1. There aren't many girls in Engineering. But I know what you mean, and don't worry. I am not giving fund raising another go just because some fit girl told me to.